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Working drawing architectural plan of proposed additions to Warea School. Scale: 4 feet to 1 inch. Chas. H. Moore, 20 October 1914.
Accession No

Architectural plan showing detail showing approximate position of boiler at Stratford Technical High School and plan of proposed new school (reinstating) at Manaia. Scale: 8 feet to 1 inch. Chas. H. Moore, 1918.
Accession No

Architectural plan for additions to Stratford Primary School. Showing construction details. Drawing number two of three (one and three are missing). Scale 1/2 inch to 1 foot. M.G.B. Harvey, October 1947.
Accession No

Architectural plan for the Startford School hall. Showing longitudinal section and construction details. Drawing number two of two (one missing). Scale 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch to 1 foot. December 1947. M.G.B. Harvey for Taranaki Education Board.
Accession No

Eight colour “lobby cards” for the 1954 film The Seekers, featuring different scenes from the film and the film’s branding.
The Seekers is a British adventure film produced by the Universal-International studio syndicate. It was the first major international studio film shot in New Zealand. The film was adapted from the novel 'The Seekers' by John Guthrie.
Lobby cards are small movie posters that were designed to be displayed in the lobby of a theatre. They feature key scenes from the film and were generally produced in sets of eight.
Accession No

A collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings and research files related to the removal of the 17 Taranaki War military hatchments and flags (for the Taranaki Militia, Taranaki Volunteers, Taranaki Regiment and Taranaki Mounted Rifles) at The Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary in New Plymouth.
Accession No

Document pertaining to a case of consent of beneficiaries in the estate of Mary St George King (wife of Newton King) of a proposal of the Trustees to transfer part of the “Brooklands” property to the New Plymouth Borough Council, 9 September 1933.
This relates to the property the King's resided in at Brooklands, in central New Plymouth from 1888. They developed its gardens and opened them to the public on Sundays. Mary transferred The Gables (the old hospital) to the property in 1903. Newton died in 1927 and Mary in 1930, and in 1933 the trustees of estate gave Brooklands to the town in lieu of the £7,000 Newton had bequeathed to public reserves, as all cash funds where tied up in the Newton King business.
Accession No

Calendar for John R. Catterton Boot & Shoe Importer on Devon Street, New Plymouth. Calendar includes large chromolithograph from a photograph by Alexander Bassano (1899) Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, The Avenger of Gordon.
Accession No

Poster of the House of Representatives 1897, a supplement to the Weekly Record. Includes advertisements for local businesses: Thomas Avery, The Moa Farmers Union, R. Cock & Son, Perry and Percival, A.C. Nicholls, F. Sutherlands, N. Greiner, A. Lile, G. Cook, Raynes' Terminus Hotel, C.O. Smith, Turner's Dining and Refreshment Rooms, R.J. Pennington, John Andrews, C.R. Hill, James Paul, Taranaki Branch of the United Fire & Marine Insurance, Julian's Railway Hotel, Sam Hill, J.C. Peach, Pat & Young, Gamlin and Hook, T. Drake's, T. Zinsli, W.A.
Printed by lithographers McKee & Gamble, Wellington.
Accession No

An annual calendar produced for Ivon Watkins Dow Ltd, featuring reproduction copies of Māori Portraits by artist Gottfried Lindauer. Calendar contain 6 pages from October 1967 - September 1968.
Accession No

Ephemera relating to the Whiteley Memorial Church.
Includes service sheet for opening ceremony, 15 December 1898, and service sheet for the unveiling of the roll of honour, 3 June 1917.
Accession No

Ephemera related to Dale Copeland's project 'Reflect Collateral Damage'. Includes working drawings, plans, scale model and book by Dale 'New Plymouth's Mine', which relates the history of the mine and the ‘Reflect Collateral Damage' project.
The 'Reflect Collateral Damage' project involved using the remains of a German WWII mine which washed ashore in New Plymouth in 1943. In 2014, Dale was commissioned by Port Taranaki Ltd and the Art in Public Places Trust to create a permanent display using the mine.
Accession No

A collection of documents belonging to Edgar Roy Brewster. The material spans Brewster's lifetime and includes early documents on aeronautic theory through to documents on Brewster's Norian theory and various information relating to property, including the Norian Beehive House at 36B Sanders Avenue. The collection also includes a collection of 21 visitor books for the Beehive House. Some of these are regular shaped and others are hand-crafted hexagonal booklets.
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Collection of ephemera related to Taranaki fibre artist Viv Davy's tapestry of a washing machine titled 'An Old Friend'. Collection includes a hand-drawn pattern, a thread 'recipe' for the bottom section of the tapestry, a sample of the black wool from the tapestry background, a sample of raw silk thread, a light green sample of hand-dyed silk thread and six mixed thread samples.

The collection was donated by Davy along with the tapestry following the inclusion of the tapestry in Puke Ariki's art exhibition 'Home Work: Taranaki Art Now' (7 June - 24 August 2014).
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Architectural plans for a proposed moveable classroom at Ōkaiawa showing section, front elevation and plan. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch. Undated.
Accession No

Architectural plans for a proposed new school at Ōkaiawa showing elevations, plan and septic tank plan. Undated.
Accession No

Architectural plans for a proposed technical high school at Hawera. Undated.
Accession No

Architectural plan for a proposed boarding establishment at New Plymouth Boys High School showing first floor plan. Created by architect Frank Messenger, signed by contractors Boon Brothers in January 1916. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Accession No

Architectural plan for a school at Tarata showing elevations, plan and section. Scale 4 feet to 1 inch.
Accession No

Architectural plan for a girls school in New Plymouth showing elevations. Signed by contractors R.L. Roberts & Sons in February 1916. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Accession No

Two architectural plans for a proposed new school for boys in New Plymouth. Created by architect W.A. Cumming, Auckland. Undated.
Accession No

Architectural plan of additions to school at Anderson Road. Showing elevations, sections and plans. Dated September 1898 by A. Atkins and 12 November 1898 by William Lloyd. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Accession No

Architectural plan of school at Andersons Road. Showing elevations, sections and plan. Stamped by architect A. Atkins, Wanganui. Dated 21 June 1897 by William Lloyd. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Accession No

Architectural plan of proposed additions and alterations to Riverlea School. Showing elevations, sections and plan. Dated 2 September 1898 by William Lloyd and August 1919 by the Taranaki Education Board. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Accession No

Supplementary edition of the Taranaki Herald commemorating the opening of the New Plymouth War Memorial building (now Puke Ariki library building), including War Memorial Hall, Taranaki Museum and New Plymouth Library, on 13 July 1960.
Accession No