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Invitations and a postcard created for the Anzac the New Zealand Story, a New Zealand Defence Force Exhibition Sunday 25 April - Sunday 20 June 2004.
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Personal papers belonging to Robert Reid.
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Two diaries kept by Private Charles John Fraser. The first diary begins in July 1917 when Fraser landed in France and describes life in the trenches. The second diary Jan 1918 - Jan 1919 describes active service and finishes as Charles sailed into Auckland Harbour.
The diaries have been transcribed.
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The editorial in the first issue states 'The Home Guardsman will provide a platform from which Area Commanders can address the whole of the men under their command'. The publication also encouraged rank and file to make contributions. The editor states 'We, like the Home Guard itself, will last only as long as the war lasts'.
A monthly publication produced for the Home Guard in the province of Taranaki.
Vol. 1 no. 1 May 1941 - Vol. 1 no. 4 August 1941 (4 issues)
Accession No

An instruction manual published by the No. 7 Area, Home Guard, Napier for Dominion Headquarters. 2nd ed. 1941.
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A monthly magazine published by the combined Taranaki branches of the New Zealand Homeserviceman's Association. 1946 - 1948. Name changed to the Taranaki - Wanganui Homeserviceman in November 1947.
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The collection consists of Ray Kennedy's experiences as a stretcher bearer during World War Two and the concerns he has about chemical contamination of the Paritutu residential area in New Plymouth from 1960 through to 2002.
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A manuscript map covering the area between the Waitara River and the Waiongana River, showing the position of military camps and blockhouses on the Waitara River, Pa sites and the fortifications of Pukerangiora c1860-1861. The map has annotations showing the route of the railway and a drawing of a soldier carrying two wicker gabions. Undated.
Scale: 80 chains to 1 mile. Size: 43.5 x 63 cm
Accession No

Shows the pa site of Mahoetahi and the positions of the British 65th Regiment and Taranaki Rifle Volunteers and the Waitara Party consisting of men from the 40th and 65th Regiments, at the Battle of Mahoetahi 6th November 1860. Scale: Not given. Size: 30 x 25.5cm. Undated
Accession No

Province of Taranaki in 1862, showing buildings destroyed by natives since the commencement of the war, lands acquired, location of blockhouses, military positions unoccupied, native pas and sawmills. Signed in lower right corner, Octa. Carrington, Prov'l Surveyor, 10th July 1862.
Scale 1 inch to 2 miles. Size 61cm x 49.5cm.
Accession No

A collection of letters, a photograph and some postcards of Corporal Alex Eagles (Service no. 21758) who served with the N.Z. Engineers, New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the Second World War. Eagles was killed in action at sea off the Island of Crete, 31 May 1941.
Accession No

Map titled 'The "Sap" Huirangi Dist approaching maori position at Te Arei 1860-61', showing the site of 'The Sap'. The site was dug by soldiers under the command of General Pratt along the ridge towards Te Arei in 1861. Map includes the course of the Waitara River and some topographical features. Unknown scale.
Accession No

Shows the native awards 1877, in an area bounded by Waitara Road, the Waitara River, Mamaku Road and includes the Railway Reserve. Individual land blocks are marked. Initials W.H.S. 77 in lower right corner (assumed to be W.H. Skinner).
Accession No

Sketch of Maori rifle pits, including cross sections. Drawn by W. Gordon. Undated. Possibly redrawn from an original by J. R. Robbins c1862
Scale: 20 feet to 1 inch. Size: 27cm x 42cm
Accession No

Shows the Huirangi and Mataitawa Districts with the military settlers blocks and names of the recipients ca.1867. Date: Undated
Scale: 20 chains to 1 inch
Size: 66.5 cm x 71 cm
Cartographer: Unknown
Manuscript. Mounted on linen. Pen and ink, watercolour.
Accession No

Two maps on one sheet. Patea District showing military posts and native clearings and Sketch showing Te Ngutu o te Manu and Te Manu Clearings. c1868.
Scale: 2 miles to 1 inch and 6 chains to 1 inch.
Size: 30 x 46 cm. and 39 x 23 cm on sheet 66.5cm x 57 cm.
Accession No

A published coloured lithograph of the Province of Taranaki showing Native Reserves; Awards to the Crown; Granted lands acquired by Government for sale or disposal; Constabulary stations; Native settlements, Lands returned to Native Tribes; Reserves proposed by Commission; Land disposed of by the Crown Land purchase; Native foot tracks. 1880.
Scale: 3 inches to 8 miles. Size: 59.5cm x 47 cm.
Accession No

Published NZ Survey map showing the town of Patea with sections and reserves marked, includes road bridge, Patea Harbour Board wharf, railway line and railway station. Annotation marking Broughton's Grave in red ink reads ' Mr Broughton was Interpreter to General Cameron in 1865 and fell a victim, to Hauhau treachery while on a mission from the General. He was murdered a few miles up the River (see Carlyle litho) and the body was found some days afterwards and buried where indicated'. Signed by W. F. Gordon. Undated.
Scale: 9 chains to 2 inches
Size: 46.5cm x 43cm
Accession No

A 1930 copy, created by Ted Wilton, of an earlier map of Pukearuhe. Shows the coastline, streams and topography surrounding the redoubt, blockhouse, camp ground and Picquet Hill as it was between 1863 - 1869.
Scale: 80 feet to 1 inch. Size: 45.5cm x 61cm
Accession No

A 1903 cadastral map of the Paritutu Survey District includes smaller detailed insets of area maps from within the Survey District. Annotations in red ink marking locations where Victoria Cross recipients gained the award during New Zealand Wars 1863 - 1872.
Scales differ. Size: 67cm x 41cm
Accession No

Architectural plans for the Hāwera District Peace Memorial located on Princes Street in Hāwera. Created by architects Duffill & Gibson for the Peace Memorial Committee in 1922.
Accession No

An incomplete document. The fifth page of a letter or account, mentions the Battle at Moturoa November 7th 1868, the death of Major Hunter and the fight at Otautu 13th March 1869, describing injuries to Sergeant Shepherd.
Accession No

A partially filled field note book. The writer was presumably a trainee soldier in the Machine Gun Squadron, the notes relate to instructions for firing a Vickers Gun, What to do in a gas attack, etc. There are also notes on Sanitation and Equipment carried on person and in pack and the personnel structure in the Machine Gun Squadron.
Accession No

Cadastral map of the Waimate Survey District. 1947. Inset maps include subdivisions of sections: no.94, Block V ; no's. 110 & 112, Block VII ; no's. 22 & 119 Okaiawa Village, Block IV. Specific locations underlined in red pencil marking New Zealand War battle sites and old Pa. Scale: 40 chain to inch. Size: 71cm x 81cm
Accession No

A 1909 map of New Plymouth and annotated to show the Guard, Block house and Sentry and picket positions surrounding the town of New Plymouth during the period 1860 - 1861. Annotations compiled by W.H. Skinner from information supplied by Lieutenant W.H. Free and others. Scale: 10 chain to 1 inch.
Accession No