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Land sale poster "Plan of Marutahu Estate (Extension No 3) Being Subdivision of Part Section 21 Fitzroy District (D.P. 5166) 21 Choice Freehold Building Sites". Sale facilitated by Standish, Anderson & Brokenshire, solicitors of the owner. Includes a plan of the Marutahu Estate.
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Land sale poster for 30 sections in the Strandon area. Sale held by Watt, Laing & Wright Auctioneers, 20 November 1902. Also includes plan showing allotments for sale on Nobs Line, Ronald Street, Devon Street and Old Hospital Road.
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Land sale poster for sections at Moturoa, dated 26 February 1904.
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Land sale poster for allotments between St Aubyn Street, Egmont Street, Rangi Street and Queen Street (Mt. Eliot Reserve). Sale held by Webster Bros on behalf of the New Plymouth Borough Council, 2 February 1927. Also showing plan of subdivision of part of Mt Eliot Reserve and a locality plan.
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Land sale poster for allotments in the Chilman Township (now Strandon area). Sale held by Bewley and Griffiths on behalf of W. Courtney, 16 July 1903.
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Land sale poster for sections on Carrington Road, Vogeltown. Sale held by Callaghan & Co. Undated.
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Land sale poster for 65 allotments in the Whiteley Township area (otherwise known as The Mission Farm). Sale held by Newton King Auctioneers, 24 July 1902. Also showing plan of the area and allotments for sale.
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Land sale poster for allotments (sections 5, 37, 26, 27, 43 and 72) in survey block XII, Cape Survey District. Sale held by Newton King Auctioneers on behalf of J. Rutherford & Sons, 5 August 1911.
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One locality plan of Borrell Street, Westown, industrial area showing industrial buildings. Created by building contractors Riddick Bros & Still Ltd, April 1964.
Scale: One chain to one inch.
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Three architectural plans and photographs for the upgrade of Pridham Hall (named after the first principal of the school) at New Plymouth Boys' High School created by architects Cowie, Rockell & Chong, 1988.
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Two architectural plans for the gate house at Tupare created by Chapman Oulsnam & Associates Limited, August 1993.
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A collection of newsletters written by Geoff Clareburt, 1992-2012.
Geoff began handwriting the newsletters to his son, Alban, who was studying at University. Later they were typed, and he sent them to others, including his two other children, James and Rachel, his sister, Susan Day, and brother and sister in law, Peter and Shirley Read. The newsletters, called 'General News’, were written weekly and include information about family activities, and events happening locally and nationally. Collection also includes a bound book titled 'General News 2011' which includes the most significant newsletters from the year 2011. Geoff's daughter Rachel began having a selection of her father’s newsletter bound every year, beginning 2007.
The collection also includes two travel journals, 1968 and 1969, for the time Geoff spent overseas, travelling and teaching in England, Canada in Sydney.
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Three architectural plans for C.S. Robb.
Any other details about where the property was located have been removed from the plans. Unknown architect and date of creation.
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Two architectural plans for residence at Ohangai fo G.W.A. Williams Esq. Plans created by Architect Raymond Syme, Hawera, c. 1936.
Accession No

Two architectural plans for residence at Manutahi for J. Douglas Scott Esq. Plans created by Architects Griffiths & Syme, New Plymouth and Stratford, September 1936.
Accession No

Two architectural plans for residence for H.R.H. Livingstone Esq. near Ohawe, Hawera. Plans created by Architect Raymond Syme, Hawera, 16 December 1935.
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Two architectural plans and specifications for residence "The Oakes" for A.J. Corrigan Esq at South Road Hawera. Plans created by Architect Raymond Syme, Hawera, April 1936.
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Two plans for a factory building for Messrs Fashions Ltd, Buller Street, New Plymouth. Plans created by Duffill, Laurenson & Townsend and Graeme Laurenson & Associates, circa 1950.
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Plan and contract for proposed additions to the Omata Halll, designed by Frank Messenger, undated.
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Plan and specifications for fittings for a new shop at Waitara for Mr. W.P. Snell, designed by Frank Messenger, May 1911.
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Plan and specifications for additions to the ladies room in the grand stand for the Taranaki Jockey Club, designed by Frank Messenger, October 1915.
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One undated architectural plan titled 'Alterations to shop on Devon Street' stamped with James T. Mannix, Architect, New Plymouth.
Location of property on Devon Street is unknown.
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Architectural plans for a warehouse for John Avery Ltd, Currie Street New Plymouth. Drawn by architect Thomas Bates, April 1919.
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Two blueprint plans by architects Messenger, Griffiths and Taylor, for a commercial building on Rata Street, Inglewood, for Robert B. Young.
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Plans and documentation for alterations to buildings at 60 and 62 Gill Street, New Plymouth, for the Farmers Co-operative Society.
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