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Edward James Carthew Plaintiff AND Walter John Chaney and Alexander Alexander [item]
Between Thomas McLeod White of Urenui in the abovenamed Judicial District Gardener Plaintiff AND The United Service Bus Company a firm carrying on the business of a Motor Omnibus Proprietor at Takapuna near Auckland Defendant [item]
Between Harper Clarence Rogers of Mangatoki, Farmer, Plaintiff AND David Simpson Syme of Eltham Solicitor, Arthur Newton Rogers of Westmere, near Wanganui Farmer (and Executors and Trustees of Josiah Rogers late of Mangatoki, Settler, deceased) The Public Trustee of the Dominion of New Zealand, and Maurice Norman Stanley Rogers of Mangatoki, Farmer, Defendants [item]
Between the Public Trustee of the Dominion of New Zealand, Wellington, as Administrator of the estate of John Wilson late of Ratapiko, Farmer, deceased. Plaintiff. AND the Taranaki Electric-Power Board a Power Board duly constituted under the provisions of "The Electric-power Boards Act, 1918" and its amendments having its office situate in Eltham in the Provincial District of Taranaki. Defendant. [item]
Phillipps & Impey Limited V. Harwoods Limited [item]
Between the Stratford Loan and Deposit Company Limited (a Company duly incorporated under "The Companies Act 1908") having its registered office in Broadway, Stratford, Plaintiff AND John Diggins of Inglewood, Farmer, Defendant. [item]
Between: Zara Bradley Plaintiff And: Richard Michael Power and Bridget Power Defendants [item]
August Charles William Lehmann V Alfred Benjamin Muggeridge and Sarah May Thompson [item]
The Bank of New Zealand V Margaret Mabel Bennett & Others [item]
Frank Stanley Veale V Robert Buchanan Anderson and The Stratford Loan and Deposit Company Limited [item]
Between William Thomas Ogilvie of Greymouth, Timber Merchant Plaintiff AND Henry Ludovic Martini of New Plymouth, Timber Merchant Defendant [item]
Between Robert William James McNeill of Hawera, overseer. Intending plaintiff, and William Malcolm Thomson of Hawera, medical practitioner and hospital superintendent. Intended Defendant. [item]
John Percy Johnson V. Alexander Martin Zimmerman and Gordon Frank Salway [item]
Bostock and Clark Show Importers Limited V. H.M. Botting [item]
Between Bruce Langdon Joll of Hawera Farmer, Plaintiff AND Reginald Clifford Treweek of Matapu, Farmer, Defendant. [item]
Between The Stratford Loan & Deposit Company Limited (a company duly incorporated under "The Companies Act 1908") and having its registered office situated in Broadway, Stratford Plaintiff AND Daniel Kerrisk of Wharehuia, Farmer, Defendant [item]
Between The Stratford Loan & Deposit Company Limited (a company duly incorporated under "The Companies Act 1908") and having its registered office situated in Broadway, Stratford Plaintiff AND John Kerrisk of Sole Road, Stratford, Farmer, Defendant [item]
Charles Daniel Martin V James Drysale [item]
The Awatuna Finance Company Limited Plaintiff V William Percival Hughes Defendant [item]
Between Newton King Limited a duly incorporated Company having its Registered Office in Currie Street, New Plymouth, and carrying on business at New Plymouth and elsewhere as Merchants and Stock Auctioneers, Plaintiff AND Norman Patrick Curd of Inglewood, Carrier, Defendant [item]
Between Hector Thomas Earp Mellow of Kaponga Farmer and William Richard James Mellow of Ohaupo Farmer (executors of the will of Richard Thomas Best Mellow late of Kaponga Farmer deceased) Plaintiffs AND Henry Seymour Mundy of Rowan in Taranaki Farmer Defendant [item]
Between Thomas Taylor of Wellington Company Manager and Albert Kemball Fyson of Hawera Accountant Plaintiffs AND Thomas Dawson Smith of Auckland, Merchant Defendant [item]
Between Alexander Armstrong Stewart of Eltham Solicitor, Plaintiff AND Robert Horace Phillips of Maunganui Road, Awakino, Farmer, Defendant [item]
Between Brian Cuthbert Lysaght of Mokoia Farmer Plaintiff AND Henry Arthur Lennon of Hawera Accountant Defendant [item]
Elizabeth Geddis Withell V Thomas Edmund Roberts and John Gillman Sharp Dunn [item]