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Poster. 'Nga Kakahu Tuku Iho: Garments from the Past'. Exhibition Poster for Maori Weaving Exhibition at Taranaki Museum. May 11-June 21 1987
Accession No

Poster. '40th Jubilee: Young Photographers Exhibition'. Sponsored by Ivon Watkins Dow Ltd. as part of the celebration of the company's 40th year. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum.
Accession No

Poster. 'Taranaki Museum Education Service'. Depicts illustration of Mount Taranaki. Artwork by Peter Lambert.
Accession No

Poster. 'Dragon Street'. Exhibition Poster for Taranaki Museum. Exhibition of works by Ben Diment.
Accession No

Poster. 'Reactions: Recent Works by Rae Priest'. 8-28 May 1992. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum.
Accession No

Poster. '29th New Zealand International Exhibition of Photography'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. Also advertises Slide show that is being screened at State Insurance Theatre.
Accession No

Poster. 'Sugar Loaf Islands and Marine Park: a selection of prints by Michael Smither. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 12 December 1986 - 15 February 1987.
Accession No

Poster. 'Colour and Shape: Tom Mutch'. Exhibition poster for the Taranaki Museum. 22 March-2 May 1989.
Accession No

Poster. 'The Last Two Years: Watercolours and oils by Rae Priest'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 31 October - 3 December 1989.
Accession No

Poster. 'People: Exhibition by Peter Lambert'. Exhibiton poster for the Taranaki Museum. September 13 to October 23, 1989.
Accession No

Poster. 'Pretty Basic Stuff: An Exhibition of Watercolours by Jill Joyce'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 22 July - 21 August 1986. Sponsored by Lamberts.
Accession No

Poster. 'And There's More... Watercolours by Lois F. Connell'. Exhibition Poster by Taranaki Museum. September 26 - November 4.
Accession No

Architectural plan for a dairy factory in Kaimata. Created by architects Messenger & Taylor for the Kaimata Co-operative Dairy Company Limited in 1935.
Accession No

Architectural plans for the proposed additions and alterations to the Tikorangi Co-operative Dairy Company Limited. Created by architects Messenger and Taylor in March 1934.
Accession No

Blueprint plan. Additions and alterations to a house at 81 Belt Road, New Plymouth for H C Clouston.
Includes Elevation to Belt Road; North, south and east elevations; Ground and first floor existing and proposed; Detail: Kitchen fittings, Back porch and Laundry.
Architects Messenger, Taylor & Wolfe. September 1940
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house on Avenue Road (now Coronation Avenue), New Plymouth for Mr D Avery. Architects Messenger & Taylor. July 1945
Front, side and back elevations; Floor plan; Vertical section detail; Detail: Kitchen and Dining Room fittings.
Size: 350mm x 620mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house in Grey Street, Waitara for Edgar Douch. Includes East, north, west, south elevations ; Floor plan; Section plan; Foundation plan; Roof plan; Detail of kitchen fittings, drawing room fireplace, fuel cupboard, bathroom, front gate and wall detail.
Architects. Messenger, Griffiths & Wolfe. March 1937
553mm x 724mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a residence for Mr K Kirk, Wallace Place, New Plymouth. Includes Front, back, side, south-west and north-east elevations, cross section, ground and first floor plans, detail of fireplaces in living room and den, kitchen fittings.
Has signatures of G M Bennett and K F Kirk and date 30 January 1935 on plan.
Architect. Messenger & Taylor. December 1934.
620mm x 726mm
Accession No

Plan of a proposed Centennial Public Library and Museum to be erected on the corner of Egmont and St Aubyn Streets, New Plymouth. Drawn by Messenger, Taylor and Wolfe, registered architects of New Plymouth. 1938
Accession No

Plans for residential flats to be constructed over existing buildings on the corner of Devon and Morley Street for Mr G Walker. Designed by Messenger and Taylor. November 1934
Accession No

Ground plan, elevation & section for the Downe Street (now 9 Stoke Street) residence of Mr Leonard James Rowan, New Plymouth. January 1932
Accession No

Collection of 67 books belonging to Charles Armitage Brown and later Thomas King.
Charles Armitage Brown landed in New Plymouth, New Zealand on the passenger ship the Oriental on 7 November 1841. Here he joined his only son, Carlino, who had sailed to New Zealand aboard the Amelia Thompson earlier in 1841. Along with an assortment of goods brought to New Plymouth, including a saw mill and a fifteen horsepower steam engine, Charles included a chest of books from his extensive library.
Of the 67, books 47 are a part of a Theatre collection. This collection of Theatre volumes are comprised of individual works bound together as a collection presumably for Charles, as a part of his own personal library. The Theatre volumes are numbered up to 53; six of these missing from the original series.The remaining 20 books of Brown’s collection are various titles including the ancient classics - Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad and Vigil’s Aeneid, as well as The Poetical Works of the Rev. Dr E Young, Dryden and Fables and volumes III and IV of the Latin Teatro Comico Dell’ Avvocato Alberto Mota. Also included are six larger volumes titled Old Plays 1 through to 6. The most significant text in the collection is Fairfax’s Tasso. The Tasso contains the bookplate of Charles Cowden Clarke and writing identified by Keats scholar John Barnard as belonging to the hand of Clarke. Most significantly however, is that this edition of Tasso was listed by Charles amongst Keats belongings at the time of his death.
After the untimely death of Charles in 1842 his collection of books were passed by Carlino onto Thomas King.
Accession No

Architectural plan for residence for Mrs A.E. Grant, located on 90 Vivian Street, New Plymouth. Plan shows floor and drainage plans, elevations, cross section and fitting details. Drawn by architects Messenger and Taylor, September 1933.
Accession No

Architectural plans for the King George's Hall (Army Hall), Agricultural Hall and Queen's Hall for the Taranaki Agricultural Society. Created by architects Messenger, Taylor and Wolfe in 1938, Boon Brothers in 1956 and F. Duxfield in 1957.
Accession No

Architectural plan showing the first floor of the War Memorial Library, Museum and Hall created by architects Taylor and Collins in April 1956. Areas on the plan have been annotated with the locations of museum exhibits for the Taranaki Museum.
Accession No