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Architectural plan for the Kaponga Maternity Home. Created by architects Duffill & Laurenson in April 1946.
Accession No

Architectural plans for the childrens ward of the New Plymouth Hospital. Created by architects Messenger, Griffiths and Taylor in 1930.
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Contract plans for the redevelopment of Patea Hospital, including plans for the children’s ward, men’s ward, theatre, kitchen and staff and nursing accommodation. Created by architects Duffill and Gibson between 1929 and 1945.
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Architectural plan for a farm cottage located in Waverley. Created by architects Duffill and Gibson for the Patea Hospital Board in October 1930.
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Architectural plan for a residence and doctor's office in Stratford. Created by architects Duffill and Laurenson for Dr. John Steven.
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Architectural plans for the Craigholm Private Hospital located on Tawhiti Road in Hāwera. Created by architects Duffill & Gibson for Dr. Buist in 1919 and 1920 .
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Architectural plans for the technical school and proposed conveniences of the Hawera Hospital Board emergency hospital scheme. Created in by architects Duffill & Gibson in March 1941.
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Architectural plans for a private hospital located on Page Street between Portia and Hamlet Streets in Stratford. Created by architects Duffill & Gibson for Dr. Doris Gordon between 1939 and 1941.
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Architectural plans for Hawera Hospital created between 1916 and 1953. Early plans created by architect John Duffill and later plans by architects Duffill & Gibson and Wellington based architects Crichton, Mckay & Haughton.
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Architectural plan for the alterations to a residence and doctor's office located on Princes Street in Hāwera. Created by architects Duffill and Gibson for Dr. Thomson in 1918.
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Research notes compiled by Allan Hayton and Carol Wischnowsky with the aim of producing a nominal roll containing the names and short biographies of doctors who have been associated with the medical profession in the Taranaki region.
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A booklet about the life of Doctor Richard Grace, a psychiatrist and officer in the RAF during the second world war.
Accession No

Three architectural blueprint drawings of Dr E. Walker's Brougham Street residence. Includes existing and proposed elevations to Brougham and Vivian Streets, Ground and First Floor Plans.
Architect. Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. 1930
545mm x 620mm ; 600mm x 500mm ; 410mm x 615mm
Accession No

Blueprint drawings of alterations and additions to the residence on the corner of Powderham and Robe Street for Dr. P. C. Davie.
Architect. Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. March 1927
510mm x 685mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for the nurses' home at Barrett Street, New Plymouth. Plan shows ground and first floor plans. Architects Messenger, Griffiths and Taylor, February 1918.
460mm (H) x 360mm (W)
Accession No

Blueprint for a house on Glen Almond Estate, New Plymouth for Dr G. Home. Includes North, east, south elevations; Section plan; Ground floor plan; First floor plan; Detail of kitchen fittings, dining room and bedroom 3.
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. June 1924
573mm x 663mm
Accession No

Blueprint of a proposed house in Vivian Street for Dr. P. C. Davie. Includes North, west, east, south elevations; Ground floor plan; First floor plan; Section plan; Details of fittings: kitchen, passage cupboard, hall, drawing room; Site plan with path and future garage site.
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. 1930
537mm x 723mm
Accession No

Architectural drawing of New Plymouth Hospital, scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Architect, Frank Messenger. April 1903.
Pen and ink on linen. 875mm x 550mm
Accession No

Architectural plan by Frank Messenger for the second story addition to the New Plymouth Hospital nurses home, 1908.
Accession No

An handwritten obituary and memoir relating to James Sturat Church, both written by Alan Hayton. Also includes a photograph of Church.
Accession No

Architectural plans for the proposed Barrett Street Nurses Home at the New Plymouth Hospital. Drawn in March 1918, by architects Messenger and Griffiths for the New Plymouth Hospital Board, Barrett Street New Plymouth.
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