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Scroll of Taranaki Mounted Volunteers 1860-1866, with battle honours. Signed by F. Mace and J.C. Davies. Lithographed by Hooker & Co., New Plymouth.
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Francis Joseph (Frank) Mace's "Taranaki Mounted Volunteers 1860-1866" scroll.
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Architectural plans for a children's pool. Created by architects Duffill & Gibson for the Eltham District Centennial Committee in 1939.
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Architectural plans for the Hāwera District Peace Memorial located on Princes Street in Hāwera. Created by architects Duffill & Gibson for the Peace Memorial Committee in 1922.
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Architectural plans for public baths located on High Street in Hāwera. Created for the Hāwera Borough Council between 1902 and 1939. Early plans created by Whanganui building company Russell & Bignell, later plans created by architects Duffill and Gibson.
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Souvenir programme for the New Zealand National Swimming Championships and Empire Games Trials. Held at the Municipal Baths New Plymouth, 8, 10 and 12 January 1938. Controlled by the Taranaki Centre of the New Zealand Amateur Swimming Association. Belonging to M. Lash and signed by a number of participants from around the country on the back page.
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