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Architectural plans and specifications for a residence for Charles Edwin Major at Princes Street in Hāwera. Created by architect Frank Messenger in October 1903.
Accession No

Blueprint plan. Includes North, south, east, west elevations; Floor plan ; Details of fittings in kitchen, dining and drawing rooms. April 1929
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor.
530mm x 690mm.
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house in Henui Road for Miss S E Hooper.
Includes Front, north, south, east elevations ; Floor plan includes electrical fittings; Living room fitments ; Kitchen fitments ; Detail cross section.
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. August 1923
575mm x 420mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a proposed house on Belt Road, New Plymouth for Mr J Green.
Includes Front, north, west, south elevations; Cross section plan; Floor plan; Details of fittings in Scullery, Bedroom 3, Living Room and Kitchen.
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. 1925
434mm x 660mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan of a house in Gaine Street, New Plymouth for Mr A Adam.
Includes Front, west, back, east elevations ; Section detail; Floor plan; Verandah detail; Bay window detail; Mantelpiece (living room) detail.
Architects. Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. March 1929
Contractor. J. Gifford
610mm x 465mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan of a house at the corner of St Aubyn and French Streets, New Plymouth for Mrs S R Lovell. November 1922
Architects. Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor
437mm x 613mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house at the corner of Devon and Watson Street, New Plymouth for Mr P J Flanagan.
Plan includes Elevation to Devon Street; Elevation to Watson Street; West, south elevations; Section plan; Floor plan; Detail of verandah, kitchen fittings, mantelpiece in living room, bay window.
Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. October 1921
543mm x 700mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house on Burns Street, Dartmoor (Westown), New Plymouth for Mr E R Bean. Includes South, east, north, west elevations; Section plan; Floor plan; details of fixed sashes & opening at sun porch; details of kitchen fittings; mantelpiece in sitting room.
Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. December 1920
504mm x 654mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house at the corner of Morley and Vivian Streets, New Plymouth for Mr R Gadd. Includes North, east, west, south elevations; Cross section; Floor plan; Detail of verandah, gate; Garage plan.
Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. September 1928
538mm x 985mm
Accession No

Blueprint for a house on the corner of Vivian and Brougham Street for Mr Frank Amoore. Includes Elevations to Vivian & Brougham St.; Ground floor plan; First floor plan; Section plan; South elevation; East elevation.
Architects. Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. August 1921
527mm x 680mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house on the corner of Wallace Place and Edgecumbe Street, New Plymouth. Includes site plan; Elevation to Wallace Place; East, north, west elevations; Floor plan; Details of fitments: kitchen, living and dining rooms.
Architects. Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. December 1922
420mm x 625mm
Accession No

Blueprint for a house on Glen Almond Estate, New Plymouth for Dr G. Home. Includes North, east, south elevations; Section plan; Ground floor plan; First floor plan; Detail of kitchen fittings, dining room and bedroom 3.
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. June 1924
573mm x 663mm
Accession No

Blueprint of a proposed house in Vivian Street for Dr. P. C. Davie. Includes North, west, east, south elevations; Ground floor plan; First floor plan; Section plan; Details of fittings: kitchen, passage cupboard, hall, drawing room; Site plan with path and future garage site.
Architects Messenger, Griffiths & Taylor. 1930
537mm x 723mm
Accession No

Plans showing floor plan elevations, cross sections and joinery details of residence for Mr C H Burgess at 7 Ridge Lane, New Plymouth.
Designed by Frank Messenger in 1897. Built by Boon Bros. Also plans of additions in 1900 and 1907 by Frank Messenger and a plan of stable and loft by Frank Messenger.
Accession No

Ground plan and front elevation plans for the proposed additions to the residence, 1 Hine Street, New Plymouth for E. J. Morshead. Architect Frank Messenger. March 1908
Accession No

Plan of residence for Mr L W Alexander of Okato showing floor plan, four elevations and cross sections. Built by John Healy and designed by Frank Messenger in 1895 . These plans are part of the contract documents. Also plans showing additions to the residence showing the floor plan, elevations and cross sections. 1902
Accession No

A series of eight cadastral maps and one large format table published in 1973 by the Department of Lands and Survey New Zealand. The maps relate to the Stratford district and plot land cover, land tenure, land useage and soil.
Accession No

A cadastral map of the Mimi Survey District. Includes insert of 'Plan shewing locality of White Cliff Massacre, Feb.y 13th 1869'. Produced by the Department of Lands and Survey February 1904, under the authority of James Mackenzie, Chief Surveyor Taranaki.
Size: 435mm (H) x 419mm (W)
Scale: 1 inch to 80 chains
Accession No

A selection of 19 cadastral from the series ‘New Zealand Cadastral Maps NZMS 261’ from Taranaki and surrounding districts. Second edition, 1981 and 1984. Published by the Department of Lands and Survey.
Scale: 1:50,000
Accession No

A series of cadastral maps titled 'Aotuhia Land Development'. Created by the Lands and Survey Department, created September 1982, February 1985 and May 1986.
Maps show individual blocks within the larger Autohia block and detail contour (moderately steep, steep, easy hill, very steep, flat, easy hill) and cover (scrub, bush, poor pasture, rough grazing, second growth, fern, pongs, new grass, swamp, crushed scrub) of the land.
Accession No

11 cadastral maps titled 'Aotuhia Regional Land Use Study' classifying land tenure, land use, soils, forest and scrub types, etc. Published by the Department of Lands and Survey New Zealand under the authority of I.F. Stirling, Surveyor General, c. 1975.
Scale: 1:50,000
Size: 688mm (H) x 578mm (W)
Accession No

Plans for the residence of Mr Charles Butcher on the corner of Wickstead and Hursthouse Streets, New Plymouth. Designed by Messenger, Griffith and Taylor Architects, February 1927.
Accession No

Cadastral map of the Borough of Hāwera, 1927.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch
Size: 617mm (H) x 860mm (W)
Accession No

Cadastral map of the Kaponga Town District, undated.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch
Size: 694mm (H) x 635mm (W)
Accession No

Opunake survey district map part of New Zealand Cadastral Map series. NZMS 13. Third edition, 1 May 1955.
Scale 1:63,360 (1 mile to 1 inch)
Accession No