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Architectural plans and specifications for a residence for Charles Edwin Major at Princes Street in Hāwera. Created by architect Frank Messenger in October 1903.
Accession No

Architectural plans for a commerical building located on the corner of Bridge Street and High Street in Eltham. Created for Charles Anderson Wilkinson in 1913. Includes a concept plan drawn by Frank Messenger [c.1910]. The final plans for the building were drawn by John Duffill. The building was completed in 1914.
Accession No

A blueprint plan of the laundry at the Old People’s Home. July 1906. Shows floor plan, end elevation and a-b section. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch. Frank Messenger Architect. 305mm x 325mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan. Floor plan showing layout of original church and later alterations and additions. Legend gives dates and names of architects and builders.
Architect. F Messenger. 8 February 1941
505mm x 647mm
Accession No

Plans of proposed Museum and addition to the New Plymouth Library facing onto Ariki Street. Drawn by Frank Messenger. Watercolour originals.
Accession No

Plans showing floor plan elevations, cross sections and joinery details of residence for Mr C H Burgess at 7 Ridge Lane, New Plymouth.
Designed by Frank Messenger in 1897. Built by Boon Bros. Also plans of additions in 1900 and 1907 by Frank Messenger and a plan of stable and loft by Frank Messenger.
Accession No

Architectural drawing of New Plymouth Hospital, scale 8 feet to 1 inch.
Architect, Frank Messenger. April 1903.
Pen and ink on linen. 875mm x 550mm
Accession No

Plans include drawings by Frank Messenger of the original designs for the church and altar, also the memorial addition for Archdeacon Govett and a colour coded floor plan showing alterations to the church by different architects & builders.
Accession No

The plans show a sketch design for the Wesleyan Church on the corner of Courtnay and Liardet Street New Plymouth, also alterations to the church and school, proposed by Frank Messenger in 1897
Accession No

Original plans for the construction of the Primitive Methodist Church, New Plymouth, designed by Frank Messenger, 1903.
Accession No

Original plans for the construction of offices for the firm of C T Mills, located on Devon Street, New Plymouth. Frank Messenger, architect. 1894
Accession No

Original plan for the construction of a two storied office building on the corner of Richmond and Rata Street, Inglewood for Mr H B Curtis, designed in 1909 by Frank Messenger. Pen, ink and colour wash on linen. 640mm x 490mm.
Accession No

Plans for additions to the White Hart Hotel, New Plymouth. Includes verandah and balcony plans and alterations to the bar areas. Architect Frank Messenger. July-August 1900.
Accession No

Ground plan and front elevation plans for the proposed additions to the residence, 1 Hine Street, New Plymouth for E. J. Morshead. Architect Frank Messenger. March 1908
Accession No

Plan of residence for Mr L W Alexander of Okato showing floor plan, four elevations and cross sections. Built by John Healy and designed by Frank Messenger in 1895 . These plans are part of the contract documents. Also plans showing additions to the residence showing the floor plan, elevations and cross sections. 1902
Accession No

As a result of the decision to erect a memorial to Imperial and Colonial forces who fought and died in during the Maori Wars, the Marsland Hill Memorial Committee was formed in 1906. The task set before the committee was to decide on the type, site and costing of the memorial and to set in motion a fund raising scheme to finance the plans. The monument, a statue of a man in the uniform of the Armed Constabulary, was unveiled on the 7 May 1909.
Drawing for the Marsland Hill memorial. Features the front elevation and base. Signed by F Mace and Mr Sanderson. Undated. 610mm H x 340mm W
Accession No

Architectural plan by Frank Messenger for the second story addition to the New Plymouth Hospital nurses home, 1908.
Accession No

Land Inventory Survey County Series; Waimate West potential pastoral use of soils. Published by the Department of Lands and Survey in 1969, from material compiled by I.B. Campbell and R.H. Wilde of the Soil Bureau, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
Colour coded to delineate the potential pastoral use of soil including limitations of nutrients, limitations of drainage and nutrients and limitations of insufficient moisture and to a lesser extent nutrients.
Scale: 1:63,360 (1 inch to 1 mile)
Size: 485mm (H) x 590mm (W)
Accession No

A series of eight cadastral maps and one large format table published in 1973 by the Department of Lands and Survey New Zealand. The maps relate to the Stratford district and plot land cover, land tenure, land useage and soil.
Accession No

A cadastral map of the Mimi Survey District. Includes insert of 'Plan shewing locality of White Cliff Massacre, Feb.y 13th 1869'. Produced by the Department of Lands and Survey February 1904, under the authority of James Mackenzie, Chief Surveyor Taranaki.
Size: 435mm (H) x 419mm (W)
Scale: 1 inch to 80 chains
Accession No

A topographical map of Whangamomona. Part of a series published by the Department of Lands and Survey under the authority of W.N. Hawkey.
Includes roads, water features, relief features, railways, vegetation features and miscellaneous features.
NZMS 260, Sheet R19 Whangamomona
Edition 1, 1985
Scale: 1 : 50,000 (2cm : 1km)
Size: 656mm (H) x 948mm (W)
Accession No

A topographical map of Ohura. Part of a series published by the Department of Lands and Survey under the authority of W.A. Robertson.
Includes roads, water features, relief features, railways, vegetation features and miscellaneous features.
NZMS 260, Sheet R18 Ohura
Edition 1, 1987
Scale: 1 : 50,000 (2cm : 1km)
Size: 656mm (H) x 948mm (W)
Accession No

A collection of 3 nautical charts produced by the Hydrographic Office of the Royal New Zealand Navy showing the coast of the Manukau Harbour to Cape Egmont, approaches to Port Taranaki and Cape Egmont to the Rangitikei River.
Accession No

Topographical map titled 'North Island New Zealand, Hawke's Bay, Wellington & Taranaki, South of Latitude 39°S'. Photo-lithographed at the head office Department of Lands and Survey, Wellington May 1897.
Showing Taranaki, Wellington, Hawke’s Bay, South Taranaki Blight, South Pacific Ocean and top of 'Middle Island'. References include boundaries of land districts, roads, tracks, railways open for traffic, chief towns, townships, postal stations, railway stations and homesteads.
Scale: 1 inch to 8 miles
Size: 674mm (H) x 922mm (W)
Accession No

A selection of 19 cadastral from the series ‘New Zealand Cadastral Maps NZMS 261’ from Taranaki and surrounding districts. Second edition, 1981 and 1984. Published by the Department of Lands and Survey.
Scale: 1:50,000
Accession No