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Poster. 'Life Zones in Our Enviroment'. Depicts illustration of landscape divided into zones. Artwork by Allan Mitchell. Issued by Shell Oil NZ.
Accession No

Poster. 'Poor Knights Islands: lillies and little creatures'. Depicts illustration of gecko and other fauna and flora. Design by Allan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calender series.
Accession No

Poster. 'Little Mangere Island: and two of the world's rarest birds'. Depicts illustration of Chatham Island robin and parakeet. Design by Alan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
Accession No

Poster. 'Stephens Island: an unusual frog colony'. Depicts illustration of frog, snail and gecko. Design by Alan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
Accession No

Poster. 'Big South Cape Island: unique bat extinct here since 1968'. Depicts illustration of bat and muttonbirdl. Design by Allan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
Accession No

Poster. 'The Alderman Islands. home of the Tuatara'. Depicts illustration of tuatara and petrel. Design by Allan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
Accession No

Poster.' Little Barrier Island: last outpost of the rare stitchbird'. Depicts illustration of Stitchbird, weta and rat. Design by Allan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
Accession No

Architectural plan for a dairy factory in Kaimata. Created by architects Messenger & Taylor for the Kaimata Co-operative Dairy Company Limited in 1935.
Accession No

Architectural plans for the proposed additions and alterations to the Tikorangi Co-operative Dairy Company Limited. Created by architects Messenger and Taylor in March 1934.
Accession No

Poster. 'Pseudodontornis: Motunau Beach'. Depicts illustration of a Pseudodontornis flying above Motunau Beach, near Christchurch. Pliocene period. Artwork by Allan Mitchell. Part of a Shell series.
Accession No

Blueprint plan. Additions and alterations to a house at 81 Belt Road, New Plymouth for H C Clouston.
Includes Elevation to Belt Road; North, south and east elevations; Ground and first floor existing and proposed; Detail: Kitchen fittings, Back porch and Laundry.
Architects Messenger, Taylor & Wolfe. September 1940
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house on Avenue Road (now Coronation Avenue), New Plymouth for Mr D Avery. Architects Messenger & Taylor. July 1945
Front, side and back elevations; Floor plan; Vertical section detail; Detail: Kitchen and Dining Room fittings.
Size: 350mm x 620mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a house in Grey Street, Waitara for Edgar Douch. Includes East, north, west, south elevations ; Floor plan; Section plan; Foundation plan; Roof plan; Detail of kitchen fittings, drawing room fireplace, fuel cupboard, bathroom, front gate and wall detail.
Architects. Messenger, Griffiths & Wolfe. March 1937
553mm x 724mm
Accession No

Blueprint plan for a residence for Mr K Kirk, Wallace Place, New Plymouth. Includes Front, back, side, south-west and north-east elevations, cross section, ground and first floor plans, detail of fireplaces in living room and den, kitchen fittings.
Has signatures of G M Bennett and K F Kirk and date 30 January 1935 on plan.
Architect. Messenger & Taylor. December 1934.
620mm x 726mm
Accession No

Plan of a proposed Centennial Public Library and Museum to be erected on the corner of Egmont and St Aubyn Streets, New Plymouth. Drawn by Messenger, Taylor and Wolfe, registered architects of New Plymouth. 1938
Accession No

Plans for residential flats to be constructed over existing buildings on the corner of Devon and Morley Street for Mr G Walker. Designed by Messenger and Taylor. November 1934
Accession No

Ground plan, elevation & section for the Downe Street (now 9 Stoke Street) residence of Mr Leonard James Rowan, New Plymouth. January 1932
Accession No

Architectural plan for a block of apartments, created by architects Messenger, Taylor & Wolfe, March 1938. This block of three apartments, once located on the east side of Liardet Street, were built for the New Plymouth Fire Board in 1939.
Accession No

Architectural plan for residence for Mrs A.E. Grant, located on 90 Vivian Street, New Plymouth. Plan shows floor and drainage plans, elevations, cross section and fitting details. Drawn by architects Messenger and Taylor, September 1933.
Accession No

Architectural plans for the King George's Hall (Army Hall), Agricultural Hall and Queen's Hall for the Taranaki Agricultural Society. Created by architects Messenger, Taylor and Wolfe in 1938, Boon Brothers in 1956 and F. Duxfield in 1957.
Accession No