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Poster. 'Henry Brown & Co. Ltd: A Century of Service to the Community'. Depicts aerial photograph of Factory.
Accession No

Poster. 'Taranaki Museum Education Service'. Depicts illustration of Mount Taranaki. Artwork by Peter Lambert.
Accession No

Poster. Hurworth, New Plymouth. Depicts photograph of Hurworth Cottage. Produced by New Zealand Historic Places Trust.
Accession No

Poster. 'Govett Brewster Art Gallery: Bug House Committee'. Depicts photograph of Regent Theatre.
Accession No

Poster. 'Putting the Land on the Map: Art and Cartography in NZ since 1840'. Exhibition poster for touring Exhibition. Organised by the Govett Brewster Gallery. April - May 1989.
Accession No

Poster advertising the Parihaka Cabaret. 19 September 1992, at the Devon Motor Lodge, raising funds for the restoration of the house Rangi Kapuia at Parihaka.
Accession No

Title:- Taranaki Aviation Transport and Technology Museum Display Day. 1992
Accession No

Title:- Open House. Text advertises an open house tour of the new administrative building. New Plymouth District Council . c.1990.
Accession No

Title:- A Time Trip; The Past to the Present. TATAM Open Day. Not dated.
Accession No

Title:- Taranaki Museum Education Section. Depicts Mt Taranaki by Peter Lambert. Advertises the Education section. Produced by Taranaki Education Board & Taranaki Museum.
Accession No

Title:- The Good Old days. Has three illustrations. Describes a colonial "Live" weekend at Taranaki Museum. September 1989.
Accession No

Plan showing additions to the Te Henui Vicarage (stone portion still remaining), Courtenay Street, New Plymouth. Showing the site, front elevation, plan and section of chimneys.
Accession No

Ink and watercolour relief map of river and terraces with some houses along Mangorei Road. Section of Carrington's map of New Plymouth showing the Waiwakaiho River from the Devon Street crossing to about Karaka Street, New Plymouth. Handwritten in black ink lower right corner: " Part of the Waiwakaiho River / New Plymouth / New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington / 1843."
Accession No

Ink, watercolour and pencil relief map of Brooklands and surrounding area. Part of F.A. Carrington's map entitled "Plan of the Town and Part of the Settlement of New Plymouth". Shows Brooklands - property of Capt. King with their house and that of adjourning owner Aubrey with access from Eliot Street, streams, ponds and swamps in blue, cultivated garden in sepia with surrounding fence. Surveyed street/roads grid overlaid on relief map. Handwritten in black ink lower left corner: "Brooklands / New Plymouth, New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington 1842". Also "West No 2 (of 5)" handwritten in pencil upper right. Also a multiplication sum 25 / 18 / 200 / 25 " handwritten in ink upper middle edge.
Accession No

Relief map showing Henui River and surrounding tributaries in present Awanui(?) - Cumberland Street area of the city. Depicts blue meandering river crossing vertically - middle left with numerous thin blue tributaries. River surrounded by vegetation - represented in black ink. Handwritten lower right corner in black ink: "Part of the River Enui / New Plymouth / New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington / 1843."
Accession No

Detailed map of lower Henui with Purakau Pa and the houses of Weekstown (Strandon) from the coast to Devon Street. Hand written in ink lower left: "Part of the Coast & River Enui / New Plymouth / New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington / 1843" and "Henui R" handwritten in pencil on river estuary.
Original topographical map of lower beaches and northward beach extension of Henui River with earthworks of Purakau Pa (now Baring Terrace). Part of map published as "Plan of Town and Part of the Settlement of New Plymouth, New Zealand/Selected, Surveyed and Delineated by F.A. Carrington".
Accession No

Ink map of relief of part of New Plymouth with surveyed streets/roads and part a stream. Possibly a branch of tributory of Huatoki - south end of Cutfield Road west of "Victoria Park" on the "Plan of the Town and Part of the Settlement of New Plymouth New Zealand" by Fred A. Carrington. North is on the right. Handwritten in black ink top left corner: "E19.193".
Accession No

Ink and watercolour relief map of lower section of Waiwakaiho River from Clemow Road to the sea. Now Peringa Park, Lake Rotomaru etc. Handwritten in black ink lower left corner: "Part of the coast and River Waiwakaiho / New Plymouth / New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington 1843." Also written is "Waiwakaiho R" handwritten in pencil upper right centre (on lower river) and "Coast" handwritten in pencil upper left. Also faint pencil inscription - probably replicating that of lower left - in upper right corner.
Accession No

Ink and watercolour relief map showing surveyed streets, Mangaotuku stream and Kawaroa coastline. Rungapiko pa on the Mangaotuku stream (Young Street). Area between coast and Wallace Place/Dawson - Cutfield Road. Handwritten in black ink lower left corner "Part of Town / New Plymouth / New Zealand / by F.A. carrington / 1843." Also handwritten in pencil lower left above title: "Scale 6 chs to 1 inch".
Accession No

Ink and watercolour relief map showing stream and contours with pencilled(?) streets. Handwritten in pencil below river on left hand side edge: "MANGOATUKU".
Accession No

Ink and watercolour map of swamp in tributary of Waimea Stream - Ferndale area with some fragmentary surrounding contours in pencil. Also shows Pahakaka pa sketched in pencil (on corner of Waimea / Frankley St). Surveyed roads in pencil and most of area crosshatched with pencil.
Accession No

Ink and wash relief map of the Te Henui River and some districts to the east as far as Mangorei Road. Devon Street in the north, south to about the edge of Awanui Cemetary. Includes a tributary of the Henui now about the line of railway at Strandon/Waiwaka Terrace. Handwritten in black ink lower left: "Enui River / New Plymouth / New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington 1843". Also handwritten in pencil top left corner "3" within a circle.
Accession No

Ink and watercolour relief map showing streams and contours. Also with surveyed streets and roads superimposed. Nine pa sites shown including Pukeori, Oronga, Whakawhitiwhiti, Okoare, Pahakaka, Maripu, Pukiekie, Pukaka and Rungapiko. The coast and inland to devon Street from Cutfield Road west is not depicted. Handwritten in pencil upper left and centre: "New Plymouth, New Zealand / by F.A. Carrington 1843 / Scale 20 chains to an inch." Also handwritten in black ink at lower left hand side edge is the following fragmented text: " New Zealand / ...rington / ... 3".
Accession No

Hydrographic chart of Taranaki Coast from Sugarloaf Point to Henui River showing some features on land and depths offshore. In reverse along top edge of chart is a view from sea of the same shoreline with Sugar Loaves to right and Mt Taranaki behind. Text lower left corner reads: "New Zealand / North Island / New Plymouth or Taranaki / Road / Surveyed by Captn. J.L. Stokes R.N. / 1849 / Flagstaff .... Soundings in fathoms".
Accession No

Formed in 1868, the New Plymouth Schools Committee oversaw a number of schools including Courteney Street, Gill Street, Wesleyan, East, East Infants, West, Fitzroy and Frankley Road Schools.
The records consist of official minutes 1880-1884, a letter book 1882-1886, general correspondence 1880-1905 and misc papers which include staff appointments, truancy and absenteeism notes.Each folder has an index which contains a brief description of each item, including the names of those involved (pupils, teachers, caretakers, parents, committee members etc.).
Folder 13 contains a petition with signatures from parents, guardians etc. at West Infants School, 1900.
Folder 14 contains a petition with signatures from parents, and neighbours at Fitzroy, 1883.
Folders 24 and 25 contains receipts and tenders from local businesses, some on business letterheads.
Accession No