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Province of Taranaki in 1862, showing buildings destroyed by natives since the commencement of the war, lands acquired, location of blockhouses, military positions unoccupied, native pas and sawmills. Signed in lower right corner, Octa. Carrington, Prov'l Surveyor, 10th July 1862.
Scale 1 inch to 2 miles. Size 61cm x 49.5cm.
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Digital copy of a map drawn by Octavious Carrington Surveyor showing the land claims from Ngamotu to north of the Waitara River c.1845. Published in the British Parliamentary Papers 1846.
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Photocopies of a large map of New Plymouth drawn by Octavius Carrington. Annotation at bottom of map 'Original plan of the Town from which the selections were made. Octa Carrington. Surveyor to the New Zealand Company at New Plymouth'. Undated.
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Negative photocopy taken from a Lands and Survey Aperture Card R 84 of the names of people allocated sections within the township. Octavius Carrington. 1871
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In 1874 the military barracks on Marsland Hill, New Plymouth were converted into an immigration depot and used in this capacity for a number of years until 1891 when the building was condemned and part was given to the North Egmont Forest Board for use as an accommodation house at North Egmont and the remainder was dismantled.
A plan of the Marsland Hill Depot. "Octavious Carrington, Engineer in charge. PWD Taranaki 30 January 1874"
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