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Poster. '5 Year Span: A Retrospective Exhibition of Artworks by Yvonne Coleman'. 5th Nov - 20th Dec. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. Depicts artwork by Yvonne Coleman titled 'Morning Tea Preparations'.
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Poster. 'Don Driver: New Collages'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 1-20 August 1987.
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Poster. 'An Art Exhibition by Taranaki Secondary School Students'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum, 7 September - 19 September 1993.
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Poster. 'TSB Review 1988'. Exhibition Poster and Invitation for the exhibition shown at the Govett Brewster Gallery, 24 June - 24 July 1988. Invitation is for the opening, 23 June 1988 8pm.
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Poster. 'All 'e Same 'e Pakeha: Depictions of Maori through European eyes'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 19 November 1986-15 February 1987.
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A collection of ephemera relating to the artistic practice of Taranaki artist Graham Kirk. The collection includes newspaper clippings, posters, exhibition invites, exhibition catalogues, and preliminary cartoons.
The collection of ephemera was donated by Graham after he was approached as a part of the established Puke Ariki collecting priority, the Taranaki Artist Ephemera project (2012-2015).
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