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A report researched and written by Richard Lambert and titled "Te Ruamata; an arboricultural assessment". The report looks at the history of the Purangi area and in particular, significant trees including oak, peach, apple, larch and spruce. Lambert has researched the origins of these trees and analyses the horticultural conditions - including a condition report and a survey of epiphytes. Also included are recommendations for the protection and preservation of these trees.
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Poster.' Little Barrier Island: last outpost of the rare stitchbird'. Depicts illustration of Stitchbird, weta and rat. Design by Allan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
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Poster. 'Little Mangere Island: and two of the world's rarest birds'. Depicts illustration of Chatham Island robin and parakeet. Design by Alan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calendar series.
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Poster. 'Poor Knights Islands: lillies and little creatures'. Depicts illustration of gecko and other fauna and flora. Design by Allan Mitchell. Part of the Shell calender series.
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Poster. 'Protect Your Native Birds and Forest'. Depicts illustration of Fantail, Bellbird and Tomtit on Wineberry (Makomako). Artwork by M.A. Poulton. Published by New Zealand Forest and Bird Protection Society.
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Poster. 'Life Zones in Our Enviroment'. Depicts illustration of landscape divided into zones. Artwork by Allan Mitchell. Issued by Shell Oil NZ.
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