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A reprint of two articles that appeared in the Patea and Waverley Press in 1930, written by E. Hemingway of his experiences as a teacher travelling through Purangi to his new appointment at Matau School in 1896 and a second story of a young boy Little Johnnie.
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The Clere family arrived in Taranaki in 1877 on board the ship 'Furniture trained as an architect in England prior to coming to New Zealand and after initially settling in Wellington, Frederick came to Taranaki in the early 1880s living for a while in New Plymouth, Hawera and Patea. By 1883 he was in Wanganui and then later returned to Wellington where he lived until his death in 1952
With research assistance from Susan MacLean of Wanganui, David Luke has written this essay about the life of his maternal grandfather Frederick de Jersey Clere. As Clere was an architect, it focuses on houses he occupied and/or owned and includes photos of houses still standing in the early 1990s.
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Poster. 'Ceramics '86; Contemporary Work in Clay'. Exhibition Poster for the Govett Brewster Art Gallery. 1986.
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Poster. 'Outcrop'. Exhibition for the Govett Brewster Art Gallery. 1989. Sponsored by QEII, Taranaki. Country Lodge, Electrocorp, Mason Appliances, Budget Rent A Car.
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Poster. 'Parihaka Centennial Exhibition and Art Auction'. Exhibition Poster for show at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 1981. Sponsorship QEII Council and New Plymouth District Council.
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Poster. 'Afternature by Gretchen Albrecht, and, My Works - My Self By Tony Formison'. Exhibition Poster for the Govett Brewster Art Gallery. 31 July - 30 August 1987.
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Poster. 'International Photography 1920-1980. From the Australian National Gallery, Canberra'. Exhibition Poster for Touring exhibition held at the Govett-Brewster Art gallery, 8 May - 9 June 1985. Depicts photograph by George Hurrell.
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Poster. 'Pacific Glass '83'. Exhibition Poster for a touring exhibition at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 1983.
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Poster. 'In Our Time: The World as Seen by the Magnum Photographers'. Toured by National Art Gallery & Museum. Exhibition Poster for the Govett Brewster Art Gallery. c.1992. Depicts a photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold.
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Poster. 'Three Dimensional Fibre'. Exhibition Poster for Govett Brewster Art Gallery.
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Poster. 'Matt Pine: Selected Works 1965 - 85' Exhibition Poster for the Govett Brewster Art Gallery 8 February - 22 March 1987. Depicts photograph fo Matt Pine Work titled, Circle Segments.
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