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Copy of the School Journal, Part 1 Number 2, 1989.
Contains story written by Elizabeth Smither titled "Happy Birthday, Mobile Library" a story about New Plymouth's Mobile Library. The story features several colour photographs of the exterior and interior of the bus, and of the Mobile Librarian Viv.
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Ephemera related to Dale Copeland's project 'Reflect Collateral Damage'. Includes working drawings, plans, scale model and book by Dale 'New Plymouth's Mine', which relates the history of the mine and the ‘Reflect Collateral Damage' project.
The 'Reflect Collateral Damage' project involved using the remains of a German WWII mine which washed ashore in New Plymouth in 1943. In 2014, Dale was commissioned by Port Taranaki Ltd and the Art in Public Places Trust to create a permanent display using the mine.
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James [Jim] Garcia was born in Richmond, Melbourne on 13 January 1875. He began his schooling at Yarra Park State School until his family immigrated to Thames in 1886 where he attended Te Aroha Primary and later Thames High School.
After finishing high school he began work in the offices of the Thames Star and Thames Advertiser papers, he later became an agent for these papers in Paeroa. Later in Thames Jim gained employment as an accountant and manager for Mr W. Forrest, timber merchant.
In about 1902 Jim shifted to Inglewood to work for Henry Brown and Company saw millers.
In 1907 Jim moved to Opunake and became manager of the Opunake branch of Brown’s Mill. During this time he also began work as a local correspondent for the Daily News and became involved with the distribution of the paper. While in Opunake he met Mary Willcox from Rahotu. They were married at the home of Paul Willcox on 30 September 1908.
In April, 1909 Jim moved to New Plymouth where he worked for the Daily News – eventually as a reporter. He also wrote articles for the Truth and Free Lance alongside other periodicals. In 1940 he wrote the book ‘Centennial History of Whangamomona’ for the Whangamomona Centennial Celebrations Committee.
Jim was very community focussed; he held various positions in the Anglican Church and in Masonic lodges. He was a founder member of the Home and School Association, a chairman of the North Taranaki School Committees’ Association, and President for of the New Zealand School Committees’ Association. He was also elected a member of the Taranaki Education Board, but died before taking his seat. He acted on the management committee of the Taranaki Rugby Union for approximately 30 years and was the president of the Taranaki Boxing Association and Taranaki Federation.
In July 1943 Jim died after collapsing in Devon Street. A very large funeral was held in St Mary’s Anglican Church.
Collection consistes of a letter book belonging to Jim for the period 11 May 1903 - 27 April 1909. A full transcript of the letter book is available.
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Illustrated poem on turning 50 by Dale Copeland. Printed and handbound by Copeland . Limited edition of five copies produced, 2/5 in series. Signed by Dale Copeland.
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Book by Dale Copeland containing over 100 images of assemblage artworks submitted for the International Collage Exchange programme (previously called 'The Baker's Dozen International Collage Exchange').
The International Collage Exchange is administered by Dale Copeland. Participants are encouraged to create 13 assemblage pieces roughly 20cm x 26cm in size. These are then sent to Dale where one from each artist will be offered for sale at an exhibition in Taranaki. Another one is chosen to be a part of a month-long exhibition on the Virtual TART site; it will then either be donated to a suitable art institution or will become part of the exchange. The remainder of the collages are shared out into parcels which are sent back to each contributing artist.
Artists included in the book are:
Anne Amerson
Lynda Andrus
Maria Avila
Michael Baggarly
Margaret Bailey
Lois Barton
Judith Bergerson
Joan Browning
Truman Capone
Mary Caro
Alby Carter
Isbelia Casanova
Julia Cates
James Charette
Jette Clover
Joao Colagem
Warren Collins
Joanell Connolly
Dale Copeland
Margarita Djarova
Rachelle Doorley
Avril Doublas
Magda Dudziak
Teresa Eaton
Denise Enslen
Patricia Erbelding
Pat Eriksen
Linda Wood Feldman
Judy Finer
Terri Froelich
Richard Fulham
Elisabetta Gasparini
Susan Mabray Gnaedinger
M.J. Goerks
Amanda Griffin
Kimberly Guevarra
Teri Haugen
Lynette Hensley
Shelley Hershberger
Amarie Hill
Dagmar Hollmers
Elisabeth Holmes
Israel Hughes
Dylan Hunt
Paul Hutchinson
N A Jones
Janet Jones
Cordula Kagemann
Catherine Key
Barbara Koziarski
Joel Lambeth
Jacqueline LeBlanc
Susan Lehman
Laura Lein-Svencner
Monique Levesques
Darren Link
Mary Ellen Long
Janice Lowry
Debra Mackie
Jeanne Mankinen
Juliet McAra
Kelly McVicker
Carol Melichar
Lise Menu-Noack
Lieslie Miller
Rebecca Mooney
Laura Morrison
Kathlyn Moss
Maria Nichita
Wendy Nicholas
Nancy Egol Nikkal
l.m. noonan
Yolanda Odom
Marie Otero
Donna Payton
Sebastiao Pedrosa
Lorraine Pemberton
Sisavanh Phouthavong
R. Prost
Berndt Reichert
Thom Rock
Rhonda Roebuck
Lisa Flowers Ross
Jeanne Roth
Frankie Rouse
Liliana Rusu
Julie Sadler
John Sager
Miglena Savova
Joan Schulze
Nancy Bell Scott
Nicole Shandrew
Mimi Shapiro
Carol Staub
Mica Still
Marie Stockhill
Barbara Stroup
Savina Todorova
Erika Tysse
Pierre Jean Varet
Anne Brennan Vela
Louise Weinberg
Jude Worters
Susan Zipf
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Poster. 'And There's More... Watercolours by Lois F. Connell'. Exhibition Poster by Taranaki Museum. September 26 - November 4.
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Poster. 'Pretty Basic Stuff: An Exhibition of Watercolours by Jill Joyce'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 22 July - 21 August 1986. Sponsored by Lamberts.
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Poster. 'People: Exhibition by Peter Lambert'. Exhibiton poster for the Taranaki Museum. September 13 to October 23, 1989.
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Poster. 'The Last Two Years: Watercolours and oils by Rae Priest'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 31 October - 3 December 1989.
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Poster. 'Colour and Shape: Tom Mutch'. Exhibition poster for the Taranaki Museum. 22 March-2 May 1989.
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Poster. 'Sugar Loaf Islands and Marine Park: a selection of prints by Michael Smither. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. 12 December 1986 - 15 February 1987.
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Poster. '29th New Zealand International Exhibition of Photography'. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum. Also advertises Slide show that is being screened at State Insurance Theatre.
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Poster. 'Reactions: Recent Works by Rae Priest'. 8-28 May 1992. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum.
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Poster. 'Dragon Street'. Exhibition Poster for Taranaki Museum. Exhibition of works by Ben Diment.
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Poster. '40th Jubilee: Young Photographers Exhibition'. Sponsored by Ivon Watkins Dow Ltd. as part of the celebration of the company's 40th year. Exhibition Poster for the Taranaki Museum.
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Poster. 'Nga Kakahu Tuku Iho: Garments from the Past'. Exhibition Poster for Maori Weaving Exhibition at Taranaki Museum. May 11-June 21 1987
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