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Small rectangular cardboard Hydatids advertisement. White ground with crimson text and illustration. Pink rear. Heading reads "BLOT OUT HYDATIDS" Has an image of a cocker spaniel holding a sign in its mouth which reads "Don't feed me raw offal". Diagram on the right demonstrates how hydatids are transmitted. Text lower left corner reads" *Offal included Liver, Lungs, Hearts and Kidneys. / The diagram shows how hydatids can be spread. You will be safe from hydatid disease if all dogs are kept away from raw offal. The testing of dogs helps to find those which are eating raw offal and makes them safe companions. *Remember to wash fruit before eating it. * Always wash your hands before you eat." Issued by the National Hydatids Council.
Accession No

Poster. 'Native Mistletoes'. Depicts photographs of various mistletoe plants and pests to the species. Poster includes information on the different species of the plant; identifies threats and pests and explains the role native birds play in pollinating the flowers. Poster produced by the Department of Plant and Microbial Sciences, University of Canterbury. Text written by Laura Sessions.
Accession No

Black and white photocopied poster depicting two figures on left hand side and text on the right. Two figures on left are Greg Burke (Director of Govett-Brewster Art Gallery) and Hamish Keith (Art Collector). Text on left hand side is concerned with post modernist theory and its pretentions. Copied from two original works by Peter Lambert. 1998. In good condition - excluding corners where ????? has been used to remove sellotape adhesive and caused ink to run.
Accession No

Small wall calendar entitled "Nga Whaea O Te Moana Taranaki 1983" featuring photographs by Taranaki Photographer Fiona Clark. Comes complete with original envelope.
Accession No

A large book of hand-drawn maps belonging to Alice Cotterell. Maps relate to various European conflicts.
Accession No

Copy of the School Journal, Part 1 Number 2, 1989.
Contains story written by Elizabeth Smither titled "Happy Birthday, Mobile Library" a story about New Plymouth's Mobile Library. The story features several colour photographs of the exterior and interior of the bus, and of the Mobile Librarian Viv.
Accession No

A handwritten poem, and typescript transcript, of a poem titled "The Boggy Backblocks". The poem is dated 10 July 1919 and is dedicated to "Farmers Grazing (on the Road)". The author identified only as "Messenger".
Accession No

Documentary heritage audio visual record of Claire Jensen, in her studio The Brown Bach in Ōpūnake, talking about her background, artist practise, methodology and a recent artwork Microplastic Plankton (acquired by Puke Ariki 2018).
Accession No

Documentary heritage audio visual record of Bob Murray talking about the discovery of his grandfather, Tony Thornes', glass plate negatives and his photography project that followed.
Accession No

Photograph print packet. Folded textured paper stapled at top and bottom with Crago Studios stamp and packet detail label.
Accession No

Eight colour “lobby cards” for the 1954 film The Seekers, featuring different scenes from the film and the film’s branding.
The Seekers is a British adventure film produced by the Universal-International studio syndicate. It was the first major international studio film shot in New Zealand. The film was adapted from the novel 'The Seekers' by John Guthrie.
Lobby cards are small movie posters that were designed to be displayed in the lobby of a theatre. They feature key scenes from the film and were generally produced in sets of eight.
Accession No

Calendar for John R. Catterton Boot & Shoe Importer on Devon Street, New Plymouth. Calendar includes large chromolithograph from a photograph by Alexander Bassano (1899) Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, The Avenger of Gordon.
Accession No

Poster of the House of Representatives 1897, a supplement to the Weekly Record. Includes advertisements for local businesses: Thomas Avery, The Moa Farmers Union, R. Cock & Son, Perry and Percival, A.C. Nicholls, F. Sutherlands, N. Greiner, A. Lile, G. Cook, Raynes' Terminus Hotel, C.O. Smith, Turner's Dining and Refreshment Rooms, R.J. Pennington, John Andrews, C.R. Hill, James Paul, Taranaki Branch of the United Fire & Marine Insurance, Julian's Railway Hotel, Sam Hill, J.C. Peach, Pat & Young, Gamlin and Hook, T. Drake's, T. Zinsli, W.A.
Printed by lithographers McKee & Gamble, Wellington.
Accession No

An annual calendar produced for Ivon Watkins Dow Ltd, featuring reproduction copies of Māori Portraits by artist Gottfried Lindauer. Calendar contain 6 pages from October 1967 - September 1968.
Accession No

Ephemera related to Dale Copeland's project 'Reflect Collateral Damage'. Includes working drawings, plans, scale model and book by Dale 'New Plymouth's Mine', which relates the history of the mine and the ‘Reflect Collateral Damage' project.
The 'Reflect Collateral Damage' project involved using the remains of a German WWII mine which washed ashore in New Plymouth in 1943. In 2014, Dale was commissioned by Port Taranaki Ltd and the Art in Public Places Trust to create a permanent display using the mine.
Accession No

Collection of ephemera related to Taranaki fibre artist Viv Davy's tapestry of a washing machine titled 'An Old Friend'. Collection includes a hand-drawn pattern, a thread 'recipe' for the bottom section of the tapestry, a sample of the black wool from the tapestry background, a sample of raw silk thread, a light green sample of hand-dyed silk thread and six mixed thread samples.

The collection was donated by Davy along with the tapestry following the inclusion of the tapestry in Puke Ariki's art exhibition 'Home Work: Taranaki Art Now' (7 June - 24 August 2014).
Accession No

Tourism pamphlet titled 'The River beauty of the scenic Mokau: also pleasure trips and mountain climbs on Egmont' published by the New Plymouth Tourist Bureau, c. 1914.
Accession No

Small leaflet advertising the establishment of a shoe store in Waitara. The leaflet is written in te reo Māori and contains some transliterations of store and/or street names. The leaflet is translated as:

To the Maori of Waitara and surrounding area
Tiaki Kemetoro [personal name]
(former agent of Reni & Co)
Announce the establishment of my stall/store
Shoes/boots for men, women and small children
Stock is new, quality, value for money
My stall/store is in a branch of Tititini [unknown] and in the store of Hamana [Hannahs?]
From your friend
Tiaki Kemetoro
Accession No

Land sale poster for land in the Taranaki Land District No. 165 under the Land Act 1892. Applications to the district Lands and Survey Office New Plymouth, 7 October 1903. Includes a plan showing the allotments in the Waro Survey District and the Omona, Kapara and Opaku Survey districts and a locality plan for the area.
Accession No

Land sale poster for sections in the Taranaki Land District No. 194 in the town of Mangaroa under the Land Act 1892. Auction held by the District Lands and Survey Office New Plymouth on 14 February 1906. Includes a plan showing the allotments and a locality plan for the area.
Accession No

Land sale poster for 14 lots of subdivided land in Mt Eliot Reserve New Plymouth. Auction held by Webster Bros for the New Plymouth Borough Council on 2 February 1927. Includes a plan showing the sections and a locality plan for the area.
Accession No

Land sale poster for subdivided land in disputed portions of the New Plymouth railway line in central New Plymouth under the New Plymouth Sentry Hill Railway Deviation Act 1905. Auction held by Newton King for the Minister of Railways on 18 October 1911. Includes a plan showing the sections and a locality plan for the area.
Accession No

Land sale poster for land in the Taranaki Land District No. 240 including the Taitama Settlement (Huiroa Survey District), Ratapiko Settlement (Huiroa Survey District) and the Araheke Settlement (Paritutu Survey District) under the Discharged Soldiers Settlement Act 1915. Applications to the proprietor, the District Lands Office New Plymouth, 23 August 1920. Includes a plan showing the allotments and a locality plan for the area.
Accession No

Land sale poster for land in the Taranaki Land District No. 240 including Opunake, Pouatu, Waitara, Taurakawa, Opaku, Mimi and Waro Survey Districts under the Land Act 1908. Applications to the proprietor, the District Lands Office New Plymouth, 19 June 1911. Includes a plan showing the allotments and a locality plan for the area.
Accession No

Reprinted colour supplement to the Taranaki Herald and The Budget. Reprint date unknown. Showing an artist’s view of New Plymouth and advertisements for various businesses including the White hart Hotel, Ambury Brothers Drapers and Okeys, Arnold, & Earp Iron Mongers.
Accession No