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Small wall calendar entitled "Nga Whaea O Te Moana Taranaki 1983" featuring photographs by Taranaki Photographer Fiona Clark. Comes complete with original envelope.
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Documentary heritage audio visual record of Bob Murray talking about the discovery of his grandfather, Tony Thornes', glass plate negatives and his photography project that followed.
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Photograph print packet. Folded textured paper stapled at top and bottom with Crago Studios stamp and packet detail label.
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An incomplete collection of the Journal of the New Plymouth Camera Club Inc, 1993-1995.
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Digital copy of the film created for, and displayed in, the Puke Ariki exhibition 'Photographic Memory: Swainson/Woods Collection' (13 April – 28 July 2013). Also includes the unedited interview footage from photographers Margaret Bake, Tony Carter, Pip Guthrie and Edward Aish.
Filmed and directed by Keith Finnerty.
Audio by Dave Carnaham.
Research by Ruth Harvey and Charlotte Stace.
Post production by Cat and Mouse Television.
Sound mix by King Street Creative.
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An album of photographs captured by Fred Butler. The photographs reference buildings and street views in various locations around New Plymouth dating c. 1935-1942. The album is titled 'Old N.P. Photos, Vol. 1'.
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Poster for Oakley's Studio advertising portrait photographs at a discounted price during show week. Undated.
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Two folders containing a Swainson Studios negative index, 1923 to January 1939. The index was created by Judy Kirkland and the New Plymouth Genealogy Computer Group in 1997.
The negatives have been indexed by surname, approximate year, negative number and brief description of the subject. The index has been arranged in alphabetical order by surname; folder 1 containing surnames Ab-Le and folder 2 containing Le-Zu.
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Ten Taranaki Camera News newsletters. Vol. I No. 19 (22 October 1940) - 3 October 1941.
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Records for the photographic businesses Swainson’s Studio, Bernard Woods Studio and Kenneth Taylor Studios, 1939-1996. Records include negative indexes, day books, order books, candid file books, promotional photo registers, receipt books, dairies and appointment books.
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Two editions (No.1 and No.2) of the North Taranaki Foto News, a monthly magazine featuring the social and sporting life of New Plymouth and district. Predates the New Plymouth Photo News.
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In 1959 Clifford Allen, photographer from Inglewood, started up 'Taranaki Spotlight' - a monthly photographic journal covering a variety of provincial activities and functions, including weddings, 21st birthday parties and sport events. The first issue was published February 1959 and the publication folded after the 31st issue in September 1961.
The collection comprises of an incomplete run of 24 volumes of 'Taranaki Spotlight'. Taranaki Spotlight Can be viewed and downloaded on
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Oral history. Noeline Taylor-Brown remembers Kenneth (Ken) Taylor, a photographer in New Plymouth during the 1950's and 1960's. She describes meeting Ken in Christchurch, marriage and setting up the studio in New Plymouth, acquiring second hand equipment.
Ken and Noeline separated after their children were born, Noeline remembers life as a solo parent in New Plymouth during the 1960's and 1970's.
No transcript or abstract available.
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A collection of documents, photographs, newspaper clippings and autograph books relating to Joseph [Joe] and Dorothy May Swainson.
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Oral history. Began photographing petrochemical industry from its conception at Oanui and Kapuni, maui pipeline, Maui B. Records people and events and his experiences.
Recorded: 2 July 1992
Interviewer: Sue Earl
Abstraction: Jan Wilks
Restrictions: Notify interviewee if public use required.
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An interview with Lloyd and Joan Whittaker who worked with Swainson's Studios.
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Poster. An advertisment produced as a supplement to the Taranaki Herald 2 December 1893 for photographer W.A. Collis, Devon Street, New Plymouth.
On reverse: Dec. 2 1893
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Private miscellaneous register with reverse entries. Personal financial accounts 1871 and includes lists of photographic apparatus and brewing recipes [front] and handwritten notes from Brooms Commentaries on the Common Law dated 18. 9. 1871 [rear]
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Two pattern books belonging to Blanche S. Turton, daughter of Annette and Wesley Turton. Her maternal grandfather was William Swainson, artist and botanist and her paternal grandfather was Missionary Henry Hanson Turton. The pattern books consist of two school exercise books containing net patterns. The ink drawings illustrate the designs and have been annotated.
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A monthly magazine, the New Plymouth Photo News began with edition no. 1 (February 1957) and ceased with no. 126 (1 October 1966). The name was changed to Taranaki Photo News at edition no. 127 (29 October 1966), and the numbering changed in 1973.
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A copy of 'Mokau River Memories' written by Robert Wells contains many references to local families and also to the writers hobbies which included boating, pig hunting and photography. Written in March 1987.
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Oral history. Gordon talks about migrating to New Zealand and his life here and work as a photographer.
Born 1937 Lurgan, Northern Ireland and came to New Plymouth in 1953. He describes his arrival and settling into New Plymouth. Worked in various places before taking position with Camera House - maximising on hobby. Took and processed both black and white and colour photography. Involved with Healing Centre at Oakura.
Recorded 19 July 1993
Interviewer: Joy Peckham
Abstraction: Carol Sampson
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Indices to the Feaver Collection of plate glass negatives held in Puke Ariki.
Samuel, eldest son of John and Kate Feaver. In 1912, Samuel moved into Opunake to manage the chemist shop. Business had expanded to include an optician and photographic business and a veterinary service. Samuel introduced a cataloguing system for the growing collection of plate glass negatives.
In 1974, the Feaver family offered the Taranaki Museum John and Samuel's collection of glass-plate negatives. With the collection came four original indices 1917 - 44. The first volume was missing and has been reconstructed by Taranaki Museum staff. A second cataloguing system also runs through the collection and again, staff have constructed an index. The collection itself contains 10,075 plate glass negatives, all of which have been proofed, indexed and are now readily available to researchers.
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A collection of papers belonging to Taranaki artist, Bernard Aris which were gathered together by Anna Scanlan a friend and supporter. Anna Scanlan considered Aris was in need of proper recognition and finally, in 1972, she saw the fruition of her labours when Aris was officially recognised and presented with the Freedom of the City of New Plymouth.
The collection contains clippings, articles and documentation illustrating Bernard Aris being awarded the Freedom of the City of New Plymouth.
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Title:- Taranaki Craft Fair held at Queens Hall. Undated. c.1991.
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