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Small book, 'New translation and analysis of all the books of the New Testament in which the subjects are properly distributed into paragraphs, by the Rev. John Wesley, M.A.' Printed for Robert Harley and Co., 1818.
Inscribed 'Henry H. Turton. The gift of your affectionate Father Isaac Turton. May 22nd 1834 Bradford'.
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A collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings and research files related to the removal of the 17 Taranaki War military hatchments and flags (for the Taranaki Militia, Taranaki Volunteers, Taranaki Regiment and Taranaki Mounted Rifles) at The Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary in New Plymouth.
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Documents relating to the 2016 Pearn family reunion and Pearn Kindred New Horizons medal (PA2016.024).
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Receipt for Mr. Brash for pew rent at St. Andrew's Church New Plymouth, dated 2 July 1906.
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Records for the North Taranaki Solo Parents Club, 1967-1995.
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The New Plymouth Methodist newsletter. No. 1 - No. 8 (No. 7 missing) August 1952 - July 1954.
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A collection of eight letters written by Thomas Badder Winfield, 1887-1889. Thomas had recently immigrated to New Plymouth and writes to his mother and brother, Job, in Bicester, Oxford, England. The letters begin on his journey to New Zealand, and part way through the sequence Job also immigrates to Taranaki. Thomas is farming land on Kent Road, and speaks often about farming, the landscape, earthquakes, his friends in New Plymouth and the opportunities proved in the new colony. In the final letter Thomas speaks about teaching a shorthand class in New Plymouth.
In later life Thomas was the headmaster of Frankley School and Job owned the Egmont Cash Store in Inglewood and served as Mayor of Inglewood, 1927-1931.
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British Foreign Bible Society bible belonging to Mary Hamblyn (nee. Rundle). The bible has “Mary Rundle” and the date, “Nov. 15th 1820”, inscribed on the first page, along with the bible quote "The Gospel of Christ is the power of God unto Salvation, to every one that believeth: Rom: C1::V16". The names and birthdates of Mary and Charles five children are inscribed onto the inside front cover.
Family folklore explains the watermarks on the pages of the bible as having occurred when the family landed onshore in Taranaki from the Amelia Thomson. It is also believed that the bible was buried for safekeeping, alongside family treasures including china, a silver teapot and a doll, when the family fled to Nelson during the Land Wars of 1861.
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Architectural plan additions to the St Joseph's Catholic Church, New Plymouth. Created by architect James Mannix, 1938 and 1940.
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Plans and specifications for alterations and additions to the Catholic Presbytery, located on Devon Street West, for Reverend Dean McKenna. Created by builder D.J. Mannix, 21 August 1905.
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An illuminated address presented to Henry Betts on his 90th birthday by the people of Okaiawa on 8 February 1927. The address has been bound; it includes two pages of the address, eight pages of signatures and a photograph of Betts mounted on the inside of the back board.
The address reads:
Henry Betts, Esq.
Holly Bank, Okaiawa,
South Taranaki;
Dear Sir,
Your friends assembled to-day on the occasion of your 90th Birthday - and many who cannot be present join with us - greet you with the heartiest goodwill. During your long residence of nearly half a century in this District you have endeared yourself to its people. Your kindliness of nature, certitude of character and fortitude in all circumstances of life have earned you universal esteem and respect.
We congratulate you on having around you to-day so many of your family, also upon the un-impaired mental facilities and the measure of bodily health with which you are blessed at so advanced an age - happy circumstances which make this a joyous occasion indeed.
We trust you will be spared to remain with us for years to come to be an in-spiration for the cultivation of those qualities of character exhibited by pioneers like yourself who have won the esteem of their fellows and the grat-itude of those who have followed.
It is our earnest prayer that in these years you will be blessed with all the happiness which may be brought by good health and mental vigour, the affection of a united family, and the esteem of a wealth of friends.
Okaiawa February 8th 1927."
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Three newsletters for the All Saints Church in Eltham. Two titled 'Parish News' from July 1948 (vol.3 no.6) and October 1951 (vol.6 no.9) and the other 'The Chronicle of the Life and Work of All Saints' Church, Eltham', June 1969 (vol.23 no.5).
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A collection of newsletters written by Geoff Clareburt, 1992-2012.
Geoff began handwriting the newsletters to his son, Alban, who was studying at University. Later they were typed, and he sent them to others, including his two other children, James and Rachel, his sister, Susan Day, and brother and sister in law, Peter and Shirley Read. The newsletters, called 'General News’, were written weekly and include information about family activities, and events happening locally and nationally. Collection also includes a bound book titled 'General News 2011' which includes the most significant newsletters from the year 2011. Geoff's daughter Rachel began having a selection of her father’s newsletter bound every year, beginning 2007.
The collection also includes two travel journals, 1968 and 1969, for the time Geoff spent overseas, travelling and teaching in England, Canada in Sydney.
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Records for the St Mary's Young People's Club, also known as the St Mary's Coffee Club, 1959-1961. Records include a roll book, newsletters, correspondence and scripts produced by the club for various plays and productions.
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Two books containing notes on baptisms (1841-1905 and 1841-1896) and burials (1841-1871) in New Plymouth compiled by Fred Butler.
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A collection of 76 letters written to the company Duncan and Davies Ltd from their staff who where serving in World War Two.
When letters began arriving to Duncan and Davies letters in reply were prepared and sent on behalf of the Westown Soldiers Farewell Committee and later by members of the Davies family themselves. Many of those receiving letters from the Davies family also received copies of staff photographs, copies of local newspapers, company catalogues, geographic magazines and a publication called 'Walkabout'. Also at Christmas time Christmas cakes were sent to those serving on the battlefront.
The letters received from soldiers talked about life at war and experiences in their place of encampment - Egypt, Italy, the Middle East, New Caledonia and Fiji. The soldiers also provide descriptions of garden plants and natural flora found at various locations. Letters usually showed a longing to be back in New Zealand and demonstrated how highly each regarded their relationship with the Davies family and the nursery which employed them.
Letters in the collection are from George Burgess, Peter Gredig, Ray Kidd, Rupert Purrott, Les Foote, Bob Anderson, Bobbie Stewart, Colin O'Sullivan, Alan Hesetine, Ross Robbins, Dorothy Hosking, Vivian Revell, Les Bent, J.C. Kendall and Des Lobb.
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Loose inwards and outwards correspondence belonging to Fred Butler. Covers the period 1930-1980. No index has been made.
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Two inwards correspondence books compiled by Fred Butler with correspondence he had received. Volume one (titled on spine 'Letters 1') covers the period 1917 - 3 September 1932 and volume two (titled on spine 'Letters 2') covers the period 26 September 1932 - 2 February 1934. Both volumes have a one page index at the beginning of each book listing correspondence received from (in alphabetical order by surname) and the corresponding page.
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The Truth Seeker, Vol. 12 No. 11, April 1960.
A monthly publication edited by Collet Saunders. Features religious testimonies of the non-conformist church Saunders led from his home in New Plymouth.
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Undated order of service for the New Plymouth United Service of Thanksgiving.
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Two newsletters (September 1963 and March 1964) 'The Messenger' for the Parish of St. John the Baptist, Waitara.
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Programme for the dedication of St. Joseph's Church New Plymouth, 31 August 1969. Includes Historical Survey of the Genesis of Scheme and Design, A Guide to the Interior and History of St. Joseph's Parish.
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Information booklet for the Waitara Methodist Church Stewardship Mission, March 1964.
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Letter book belonging to Fred Butler kept for correspondence transcribed between 3 January 1932 to 24 July 1934.
A full digital transcript of the book is available.
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Items relating to John Brodie collected by his friend Ralph Ward, includes newspaper clippings pertaining to Brodie and letters written to Ward from Brodie.
John Brodie, better known as the novelist John Guthrie was born in 1905. He grew up in New Plymouth and was educated at New Plymouth Boys' High School and later, as a journalist, at Canterbury College. A keen sportsman, Brodie played a number of sports at representative levels. A reporter with the Taranaki Daily News for four years from 1927, Brodie went on to work as assistant editor for the New Zealand Listener before leaving for England where he spent the remainder of his life working as editor of Books of Today and writing. Throughout his lifetime he published eight books including 'The Little Country', 'So They Began' and 'Paradise Bay'. He died in 1955 while returning to England from a visit to New Zealand with his wife Elinor.
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