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A collection of fifteen printed official New Zealand Scout cards. Artwork on the cards is by Fred Coleman. Cards commemorate such things as appointment of patrol leader, Christmas and New Year.
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One New Plymouth Harbour Board plan used for a contract for a sand pump, piping and other materials needed by the port, 1898.
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Four plans showing soundings, dredging areas and the sand accumulation found in the New Plymouth Harbour, 1899, 1901, 1922, 1925
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Three plans from the New Plymouth Harbour Board showing proposals for a reclamation wall, and reclamation areas.
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One plan of proposed Harbour extensions at the New Plymouth Harbour with soundings, 1908
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One copied plan of MD 2216 showing a proposed sand notch in the breakwater at the New Plymouth Harbour, 1898
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One plan showing two proposals for the New Plymouth Harbour extension, one by Marchant and the other by Napier Bell, each with written notes explaining the proposals, 1900, 1901
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One plan of the harbour extension proposals with work to be done in the future in red, 1900
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One plan showing the Harbour extension with the new work shown in red and with dredging to 25 feet, 1908
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Two copies of plans showing proposed wharf extensions at the New Plymouth Harbour, 1904
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Three plans for dredging equipment including a contract for an additional sand pump for the Dredger Thomas King, a combined Ocean-Going tug and grab for the Dredger Ngamotu and a bucket & suction hopper for the Dredger Paritutu, 1895, 1910, 1927
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Christmas card that reads "The Seasons Greetings 1949-1950 from the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Chief Surveyor & Staff, Lands & Survey - New Plymouth". Artwork done by Fred Coleman showing a landscape scene with Mount Taranaki in the background. The New Zealand Lands and Survey insignia is printed bottom left corner.
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