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Black and white photocopied poster depicting two figures on left hand side and text on the right. Two figures on left are Greg Burke (Director of Govett-Brewster Art Gallery) and Hamish Keith (Art Collector). Text on left hand side is concerned with post modernist theory and its pretentions. Copied from two original works by Peter Lambert. 1998. In good condition - excluding corners where ????? has been used to remove sellotape adhesive and caused ink to run.
Accession No

Poster. 'Regional Realism: An Exhibition of Paintings and Screenprints by Peter Lambert". Exhibition Poster for show held at Taranaki Museum, 30th June - 26th July 1987.
Accession No

Poster. 'Winter Paintings: Taranaki Coast by Peter Lambert'. Exhibition Poster for Gallery Seventy Nine, Hawera. 9 October - 1 November 1990.
Accession No

Poster. 'Taranaki Museum Education Service'. Depicts illustration of Mount Taranaki. Artwork by Peter Lambert.
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