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Taranaki Land District, No. 347. Shows lands for selection on renewable lease. Includes plan of sections in Huatoki Settlement (Scale: 6 chains to an inch). Also a plan of locality (Scale: 32 miles to an inch), schedule, instructions to applicants and an abstract of conditions of lease. Open for selection up to 21 August 1922.
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Taranaki Land District - No 13. Showing rural lands open for sale or selection. Includes plans of parts of Blocks XI & XII, Mimi. Block II & part of III, Upper Waitara survey district (Scale: 40 chains to an inch). Part of Block VII, Mimi survey district. Section 62, Block II, Opunake survey district (Scale: 1 mile to an inch). Also plan of localities (Scale: 25 miles to an inch), schedule and instructions to applicants. Open for sale or selection from 9th September 1891.
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