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A children's book with a maroon cover. "The Academic Third Book Progressive Reader" is embossed on the cover. Inscribed "Edward M. Mackie July 4th/81"
Accession No

Children's book entitled "Fifth Progressive Primer" "Whitcombe's Progressive Series". The cover a group of children reading books in the grounds of a school. The book belonged to George Gibson at Kina Road School.
Accession No

Children's book entitled "Fourth Progressive Primer" "Whitcombe's Progressive Series". The cover features a group of children reading books in the grounds of a school. The book belonged to George Ed. Gibson at Kina Road School, February 1945.
Accession No

Children's book entitled "First Progressive Primer" "Whitcombe's Progressive Series". The cover features two children reading under a tree and a large group of children running to join them. The book belonged to George Gibson at Kina Road School, aged 5 1943.
Accession No

Children's book entitled "Second Progressive Primer" "Whitcombe's Progressive Series". The cover a group of children reading books in the grounds of a school. The book belonged to George Ed. Gibson at Kina Road School, May 1944.
Accession No

Children's book entitled "Once upon a Time." "JANET AND JOHN-BOOK 7" is written near the bottom of the pink cover which features a picture of a girl and a boy cooking over an open fire.
Accession No

Children's book entitled "I Went/Walking." "JANET AND JOHN-BOOK 4" is written near the bottom of the orange cover which features a picture of a girl walking while holding an umbrella and a teddy bear.
Accession No

Small rectangular cardboard Hydatids advertisement. White ground with crimson text and illustration. Pink rear. Heading reads "BLOT OUT HYDATIDS" Has an image of a cocker spaniel holding a sign in its mouth which reads "Don't feed me raw offal". Diagram on the right demonstrates how hydatids are transmitted. Text lower left corner reads" *Offal included Liver, Lungs, Hearts and Kidneys. / The diagram shows how hydatids can be spread. You will be safe from hydatid disease if all dogs are kept away from raw offal. The testing of dogs helps to find those which are eating raw offal and makes them safe companions. *Remember to wash fruit before eating it. * Always wash your hands before you eat." Issued by the National Hydatids Council.
Accession No

TSB Bank deposit slip. In excellent condition. 2000.
Accession No

Poster. 'Native Mistletoes'. Depicts photographs of various mistletoe plants and pests to the species. Poster includes information on the different species of the plant; identifies threats and pests and explains the role native birds play in pollinating the flowers. Poster produced by the Department of Plant and Microbial Sciences, University of Canterbury. Text written by Laura Sessions.
Accession No

Black and white photocopied poster depicting two figures on left hand side and text on the right. Two figures on left are Greg Burke (Director of Govett-Brewster Art Gallery) and Hamish Keith (Art Collector). Text on left hand side is concerned with post modernist theory and its pretentions. Copied from two original works by Peter Lambert. 1998. In good condition - excluding corners where ????? has been used to remove sellotape adhesive and caused ink to run.
Accession No

Small wall calendar entitled "Nga Whaea O Te Moana Taranaki 1983" featuring photographs by Taranaki Photographer Fiona Clark. Comes complete with original envelope.
Accession No

1998 calendar - New Zealand Army Ngati Tumatauenga. Decorated with illustrations by Murry Moorhead. January illustrations:- The New Zealand Land Wars 1845 - 72. February:- The South African Wars 1899 - 1902. March:- The Gallipoli Campaign 1925. April:- The North African Campaign 1941 - 43. May:- The Italian Campaign 1943 - 45. June:- The Pacific 1943 - 44. July:- Women at War 1939 - 45. August The Korean War 1950 - 54. September The Malayan Emergency 1948 - 60. October:- Confrontation 1964 - 66. November:- The Vietnam War 1964 - 72. December:- Peace Support Operations. Printed for Army general staff. Headquarters New Zealand Defence force. Private Bag Wellington. New Zealand.
Accession No

Advertising supplement from the Taranaki Herald for a miscellaneous concert and variety entertainment held in the Stratford Town Hall, Friday October 15 (1886) The concert for the benefit of Mr Swan, scenic artist.
Accession No

Map of a surveyor's plan of Waitara including the Waitara West and Huirangi Districts. The plan shows the field of operations during the Taranaki Wars from 1860-1861 and highlights redoubts, battle locations, pa sites, and other important landmarks. The map is adhered to black card.
Accession No

Victor Caddy Davies was a well known nurseryman and New Plymouth personality, who served in France in World War One. While stationed in the Somme district in 1917 and 1918, Victor found this children's reading book, similar to New Zealand's School Journal, in the deserted and bombed village of Sailly. He used it to store samples of plants and flowers he collected from around the Somme district, as well as note down where some of these samples were found. On his return to New Zealand in 1919, Davies built up an export business in both indigenous and exotic plants, and his knowledge was bolstered by the learning he did while overseas at war.
A hardbound book with a mottled red and maroon cover, and a dark green spine. Gold lettering on the spine gives the title ' MON JOURNAL '. Inside the book is a French children's story book, with black and white illustrations and text. Tucked between pages are pressed botanical specimens from France and handwritten notes about Victor Caddy Davies' war service and collecting in France.
Accession No

Silk covered souvenir programme. Official Opening of Brooklands Recreation Reserve, New Plymouth.
Accession No

Records of the Prisoners of War Relatives Association New Plymouth Branch.
Accession No

Booklet, A Short History of "Tu-ki-Te-Arero" Pukemahoe or St. Peter's Church Purangi 1855-1953. Compiled by Leslie P. G. Smith, Vicar of Holy Trinity Stratford.
Accession No

Souvenir programme for the Visit to New Plymouth of the Duke of Gloucester. Holiday, Tourist and Shopping Guide. 3 January 1935.
Accession No

Souvenir programme for the New Plymouth Caledonian Society Pipe Band Queen Carnival Coronation. Pukekura Park, 21 November 1936.
Accession No

Architectural plans for Proposed Premises for Messrs Thomas Avery and Sons, LTD. Edward H. Borrell, architect.
Accession No

Architectural plans for St Mary's Diocesan School Proposed New Classrooms. Don M. Black, architect. Brodie and Thomson, engineer.
Accession No

Architectural plans for Avery's Building. Edward H. Borrell, architect. Alex Brodie, engineer.
Accession No

The case was brought by Albert James Perrott and Ada Mary Perrott against Newton King Limited. The plaintiffs had lent money to James Wood of Huiroa, with Newton King guaranteeing the loan. Subsequently, Wood had declared bankruptcy and Newton king refused responsibility for the guarantee.

Documents include
1. Warrant to sue
2. Writ of summons
3. Praecipe to set down action for trial
4. Warrant to defend
5. Statement of defence
6. Amended statement of claim
7. Notice of motion for an order for argument before the court of appeal of question of law before trial
8. Amended statement of defence
9. Order for argument before the court of appeal of questions of law before trail
10. Statement of facts
11. Memoranda between courts
12. Notice of motion for entry of judgment for defendant
13. Praecipe to set down action for trial
14. Order for discovery
15. Affidavit of Guy Macallan in support of summons to set aside order for discovery
16. Further amended statement of claim
17. Summons to set aside order for discovery
18. Judgment of the court of appeal on questions of law ordered to be argued before trail
19. Affidavit of Albert James Perrott
20. Discontinuance
21. Summons for extra costs for defendant
22. Order referring to the registrar defendant's application for further costs
23. Application for appointment for hearing of defendant's application for further costs and appointment
24. Judgment
14. Praecipe to seal subpoenas
15. Bill of costs for taxation
16. Appointment for taxation
17. Allocatur,
Accession No