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Accession No Name/Title
"Lucy Lord, Interpreter & Guide to Forces" PHO2003-557
"Lucy Lord, Interpreter & Guide to Forces"
"Orongomaihangai, Taranaki Dist" PHO2004-667
"Orongomaihangai, Taranaki Dist"
"Pukekakariki, Taranaki" PHO2004-668
"Pukekakariki, Taranaki"
Titokowaru PHO2005-074
"Head of Maori Chief" A66.176
"Head of Maori Chief"
Quinn, Boy WD.066399
Quinn, Boy
Ritter, Wedding WD.066893
Ritter, Wedding
Sears, Man WD.066723
Sears, Man
Ritter, Wedding WD.066894
Ritter, Wedding
Ritter, Wedding WD.066895
Ritter, Wedding
Ritter, Wedding WD.066896
Ritter, Wedding
Sears, Man WD.066724
Sears, Man
Ritter, Wedding WD.066897
Ritter, Wedding
Sait, Woman WD.066754
Sait, Woman
Robinson, Man WD.066725
Robinson, Man
Sait, Woman WD.066755
Sait, Woman
Beaumont, Wedding WD.067179
Beaumont, Wedding
Gridley, Woman WD.066756
Gridley, Woman
Shepherd, Man WD.066726
Shepherd, Man
Reeves, Woman WD.066757
Reeves, Woman
Maynard, Woman WD.066759
Maynard, Woman
Davidson, Nurse WD.066760
Davidson, Nurse
Davidson, Nurse WD.066761
Davidson, Nurse
Sulzberger, Wedding WD.067240
Sulzberger, Wedding
Davidson, Nurse WD.066762
Davidson, Nurse