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Accession No Name/Title
Whittaker, Girl WD.009540
Whittaker, Girl
[Webber], Children WD.009539
[Webber], Children
Dean Mills WD.009559
Dean Mills
Fabish, Girl WD.009576
Fabish, Girl
[Webber], Children WD.009538
[Webber], Children
Fabish, Girl WD.009575
Fabish, Girl
Fabish, Girl WD.009574
Fabish, Girl
Jackson, Infant WD.009709
Jackson, Infant
Louis Kuriger WD.009706
Louis Kuriger
Potier, Infant WD.009718
Potier, Infant
Julian, Girl WD.009716
Julian, Girl
Julian, Girl WD.009714
Julian, Girl
Julian, Girl WD.009713
Julian, Girl
Francis Douglas Memorial College, Boys WD.010674
Francis Douglas Memorial College, Boys
Julian, Girl WD.009712
Julian, Girl
Giles, Boy WD.010028
Giles, Boy
Brien, Woman and Child WD.010068
Brien, Woman and Child
Aitken, Child WD.011375
Aitken, Child
Gibbs, Child WD.011389
Gibbs, Child
Andrew, Child WD.011373
Andrew, Child
Gibbs, Child WD.011393
Gibbs, Child
Gibbs, Child WD.011390
Gibbs, Child
Gibbs, Child WD.011391
Gibbs, Child
Gibbs, Child WD.011388
Gibbs, Child
Newall, Girl WD.011379
Newall, Girl