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Carte de visite portrait of Captain Charles Stapp of the Taranaki Militia. Stapp is dressed in military uniform. He is holding his sword in his right hand and resting it on the forearm of his left arm. There is a leather chair on the left side of the image and his cap rests on the chair. On the same side of the image is an arched window with a view to a house and some greenery. There is a curtain on the right side of the image.
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Garden Party at Pukekura Park, New Plymouth. Possibly a Victoria League luncheon. Union Jack flags flying in the background and trestle tables laden with teapots and tableware. Party mainly consists of female guests.
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William Cowling and family in the garden of their home, "Hurdon", Westown, New Plymouth. Property purchased by Cowling from Simon Andrews in 1866; demolished 1960.
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View of Thomas Potter Lister's thatched cottage at Pukearuhe Armed Constabulary Station. Shows men milking cow, with horse and dog.
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Photograph of some of the Armed Constabulary in bush clothing (wearing "shawl-kilts") with group of Maori men and women. The Maori are seated on the ground along with some of the Armed Constabulary. The Armed Constabulary are holding guns and many of them are wearing hats. Photograph is mounted on card.
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Framed photograph entitled "Maori Belles". Two unidentified females standing in the background and two unidentified females seated in the foreground. Each is dressed differently and all hold a traditional Maori weapon. Punga trees feature in the background.
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Photographic print recording the first reunion of the Waireka Veterans. Depicts a group of men in civilian clothing in front of the Provincial and Borough Chambers, King Street. Names inscribed on the photo mount are as follows:
W. Berridge
G. Hoby
Wm. Bayly
W. Marshall
E. Bullott
Thomas Allen
Lieutenant H.Y. Brown
Lieutenant William Free
Captain Mat Jonas
Colonel Stapp
Major Chas. Brown
Captain Jas. McKellar
Thomas Veale
Thomas McGuines
James Honeyfield
W.D. Webster
Captain William Newland
Matt Carrier
William Smart
Geo. Haig
W. Wilson
William Tatton
Robt. Baker
Erasmus Armitage
Henry Hooker
Frank Oliver
Joe Ward
William Pearce
W.J. Grayling
Ben Bishop
Geo. Robinson
Sam Allan
Sam Loveridge
John Andrews
Jas Pearn Kenyon
Captain Frank J. Mace
Captain F.L. Webster
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The colours, or standards, of the Taranaki Militia and Volunteers. The colours feature two flags and the British Crown.
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Small steel engraving showing the Bell Block Stockade in the middleground with surrounding outposts. Mt Taranaki/Egmont in background. Four individuals are located lower left of the hill.
Accession No

Photographic image depicting Devon Street, New Plymouth with the Triumphal Arch to welcome Chute's column after their march from Normanby to New Plymouth 27 Jan 1866. Arch located lower middle right.
Accession No

Hand coloured photographic portrait of Francis Joseph Mace. Mace is wearing a suit and tie and has a white beard. He is not pictured wearing his New Zealand Cross.
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Photographic print of W H Gordon rifle pits at Ahuahu. Depicts the rifle pits where Captain Lloyd of the 57th Regiment was killed April 6th 1864. Text on the lower edge of this print reads "Figure shows position of rifle pits at Ahuahu where Capt. Lloyd of 57 Regt. / & others were killed in a fight with Hauhaus Apl.6th 1864. The Europeans killed / were decapitated & Capt. Lloyds head preserved in maori fashion & used as a / medium in the Hauhau fanatical rites." Image depicts a road to the left hand side, sloping hills and, to the right hand edge, a male figure.
Accession No

A collection of 4" x 5" black and white photographs of R. Street residence, Bell Block (New Plymouth). Depicted in these images is Ivy McLeod, daughter of Romulus Street.
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A collection of three copy photographs of a sketch of the scene of the Whitley massacre, February 13 1868. Image shows the fortifications at Pukearuhe. Image has been hand coloured and retouched adding objects like the ships in the sea and palm trees. Photograph is adhered on card.
Accession No

Group portrait of Mount Egmont Committee members seated around a table at a hut (mountain house?). Sitters include (left to right): S Percy Smith, W.H.Skinner, BulLard, H.J.Moverley, F.SimpSon (C.C.L) and W.A.Collis.
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Outdoor portrait of staff at the Hawera Dairy Factory, 1931. Sitters include Mr Jim Young (back row, second from left) and Hugh Meharry (front row, first from left).
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Outdoor group portrait of farmers and children on horseback at Okoki. Two men in foreground shear sheep with hand shears. Landscape shows evidence of having been cleared. Part of the Reid Album.
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Portrait of four men (Smith, Ekdahl, Reid and Johns) outside a building on farmlands. Part of the Reid album.
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An outdoor portrait of the Fitzroy School 'B' rugby team, 1959. Print is framed in a wooden 8" x 10" plate holder with brass fittings.
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Tintype portrait of J. H. P Strang (right) and unidentified friend. The two men are seated and both are holding walking sticks. They are dressed in suits and hats. The man on the left is looking at Strang while Strang looks directly at the camera.
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Warren children at the Oakura Sawmill, 1967. Phillip Warren leans against the bonnet of a car, Shane Warren stands behind the open left door of this vehicle, and a young Suzanne Warren is to the right of the scene.
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Studio portrait of Patricia Taunt (nee Hibell) in full-length satin wedding gown, flanked to her right by a flower girl and two female attendants. All are holding floral bouquets.
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Les and Emmie Fraser (nee Fuller) with family including five children; Mona Esme, Iris Edith, Walter Leslie, Raymond Grey, Ian Hamilton. The older woman may be Mary Julia Fuller. The family are pictured with a cart being pulled by a horse and containing domesticware.
Accession No

Group portrait of Board of Directors of Taranaki Petroleum Company. Handwritten in sepia ink on matt below image: "Christopher Carter with James J. Elwin's compliments in / rememberance of the time when you led the way to Oil and success / June 1912".
Accession No

Hand tinted ambrotype portrait of Mrs John H. Bentley and daughter. Mrs Bentley is seated with her child sitting on her lap. She has one elbow resting on a table covered with a patterned table cloth. Both Mrs Bentley and the child are not looking directly at the camera. The child's dress has been tinted pink and her hair tinted yellow. The table cloth has also been tinted. The ambrotype has no matting or case.
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