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Accession No Name/Title
Jane Gurner Campbell A98.737
Jane Gurner Campbell
Charmaine Capper WD.066079
Charmaine Capper
Gillian Capper WD.066080
Gillian Capper
Stratford High School Pupils PHO2012-0246
Stratford High School Pupils
Te Kiri School, Golden Jubilee PHO2012-0221
Te Kiri School, Golden Jubilee
Mary Anne "Granny" Wooldridge PHO2012-0238
Mary Anne "Granny" Wooldridge
Philp & Yearbury, Young woman WD.066175
Philp & Yearbury, Young woman
Philp & Yearbury, Young women. WD.066177
Philp & Yearbury, Young women.
Styles, Children WD.066178
Styles, Children
Belcher, Boy WD.066179
Belcher, Boy
Belcher, Boy WD.066180
Belcher, Boy
Belcher, Infant WD.066181
Belcher, Infant
Belcher, Children WD.066182
Belcher, Children
Dohig, Children WD.066183
Dohig, Children
Dohig, Children WD.066185
Dohig, Children
Dohig, Child WD.066184
Dohig, Child
Cowen, Children WD.066186
Cowen, Children
Smith, Girl WD.066187
Smith, Girl
Smith, Boy WD.066188
Smith, Boy
Custers, Girl WD.066189
Custers, Girl
Custers, Infant WD.066190
Custers, Infant
Bensenan, Children WD.066191
Bensenan, Children
Sanderson, Children WD.066192
Sanderson, Children
Goodwin, Children WD.066193
Goodwin, Children
Bob and Maureen Reader WD.066194
Bob and Maureen Reader