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Accession No Name/Title
"Edwin Earp, bandmaster" PHO2010-0746
"Edwin Earp, bandmaster"
Unknown children A96.282
Unknown children
Arapata of Urenui PHO2011-2341
Arapata of Urenui
Urenui School PHO2009-374
Urenui School
"Fitzroy High School Life-saving Team" PHO2012-0087
"Fitzroy High School Life-saving Team"
"Fitzroy High School Life-saving Team" PHO2012-0089
"Fitzroy High School Life-saving Team"
Group on spectator stands, New Plymouth Saltwater Municipal Baths PHO2012-0090
Group on spectator stands, New Plymouth Saltwater Municipal Baths
Weavers, Group WD.065944
Weavers, Group
Mace, Woman and infant WD.066572
Mace, Woman and infant
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066983
Crofskey, Wedding
Maude Ruby Basham with unknown group PHO2012-0302
Maude Ruby Basham with unknown group
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066984
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066985
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066986
Crofskey, Wedding
The "Sap" Huirangi Dist [map] ARC2004-316
The "Sap" Huirangi Dist [map]
Sir Harry Albert Atkinson PHO2007-146
Sir Harry Albert Atkinson
"School activities Frankley School 1895" PHO2007-255
"School activities Frankley School 1895"
"Pukearuhe, Whitecliffs" PHO2007-238
"Pukearuhe, Whitecliffs"
Philp & Yearbury, Young women. WD.066177
Philp & Yearbury, Young women.
Styles, Children WD.066178
Styles, Children
Belcher, Boy WD.066179
Belcher, Boy
Belcher, Boy WD.066180
Belcher, Boy
Belcher, Infant WD.066181
Belcher, Infant
Belcher, Children WD.066182
Belcher, Children
Dohig, Children WD.066183
Dohig, Children