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Accession No Name/Title
Fleming-Byrnes wedding PHO2009-236
Fleming-Byrnes wedding
Heissenbuitte - Layman wedding PHO2009-259
Heissenbuitte - Layman wedding
Heisenbuitte - Layman wedding PHO2009-260
Heisenbuitte - Layman wedding
"Edwin Earp, bandmaster" PHO2010-0746
"Edwin Earp, bandmaster"
Unknown children A96.282
Unknown children
Feaver Family PHO2011-0040
Feaver Family
Unidentified Children PHO2011-0041
Unidentified Children
Unidentified Women PHO2011-0042
Unidentified Women
Patriotic Concert, "Lads of the Southern Cross" PHO2011-0091
Patriotic Concert, "Lads of the Southern Cross"
Unidentified Men PHO2011-0095
Unidentified Men
"Prestons" PHO2011-0103
Pihama Dairy Factory hands PHO2011-2417
Pihama Dairy Factory hands
Arapata of Urenui PHO2011-2341
Arapata of Urenui
Maori Norths Rugby Team PHO2011-2158
Maori Norths Rugby Team
Maori Norths and Souths Rugby Teams PHO2011-2159
Maori Norths and Souths Rugby Teams
Opunake Rugby Team, 1926 PHO2011-2160
Opunake Rugby Team, 1926
Fleming wedding
Fleming and Hickey wedding
Urenui School PHO2009-374
Urenui School
Unidentified couple PHO2010-0163
Unidentified couple
Stubbington family PHO2010-0164
Stubbington family
Rangi Epai and Courtenay PHO2010-0165
Rangi Epai and Courtenay
Mrs H. Munro & friend PHO2010-0184
Mrs H. Munro & friend
Stewart Whaka and F. Gunn PHO2010-0188
Stewart Whaka and F. Gunn
Hughes-Horo wedding PHO2010-0187
Hughes-Horo wedding