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Accession No Name/Title
Kate Newbigin (nee Brooking) and unknown woman PHO2009-202
Kate Newbigin (nee Brooking) and unknown woman
Mrs Nevil Walker and grand niece
Tippins family PHO2009-206
Tippins family
John Edward Brewster PHO2009-204
John Edward Brewster
Lieut. Col. J. Ellis, V.D., Taranaki Rifles PHO2009-261
Lieut. Col. J. Ellis, V.D., Taranaki Rifles
"Captain Cracroft's Crest & Motto" A66.338
"Captain Cracroft's Crest & Motto"
Weavers, Group WD.065944
Weavers, Group
Charmaine Capper WD.066079
Charmaine Capper
Gillian Capper WD.066080
Gillian Capper
Peter Crawford WD.066240
Peter Crawford
Peter Crawford WD.066242
Peter Crawford
Mace, Woman and infant WD.066572
Mace, Woman and infant
Julie Burnside WD.066596
Julie Burnside
"Native Women Washing Clothes - Kawhia" PHO2012-0231
"Native Women Washing Clothes - Kawhia"
Peter Crawford WD.066241
Peter Crawford
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066981
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066982
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066983
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066984
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066985
Crofskey, Wedding
Crofskey, Wedding WD.066986
Crofskey, Wedding
Philp & Yearbury, Young woman WD.066175
Philp & Yearbury, Young woman
Philp & Yearbury, Young women. WD.066177
Philp & Yearbury, Young women.
Styles, Children WD.066178
Styles, Children
Belcher, Boy WD.066179
Belcher, Boy