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Accession No Name/Title
Unknown man PHO2010-0747
Unknown man
Simeon Howell PHO2009-342
Simeon Howell
Mr Henry Revell PHO2011-0824
Mr Henry Revell
Mr William Revell PHO2011-0825
Mr William Revell
Mr Charles Revell PHO2011-0826
Mr Charles Revell
Peter Crawford WD.066240
Peter Crawford
Peter Crawford WD.066242
Peter Crawford
Mace, Woman and infant WD.066572
Mace, Woman and infant
Peter Crawford WD.066241
Peter Crawford
Hale, Young man. WD.066204
Hale, Young man.
Jim Aitken WD.066210
Jim Aitken
Mr Bennet Pascoe Perry A62.801
Mr Bennet Pascoe Perry
Unknown woman and child A62.808
Unknown woman and child
Reverend Henry Hanson Turton A62.810
Reverend Henry Hanson Turton
Sam Oliver [?] and two unknown men A62.816
Sam Oliver [?] and two unknown men
Unknown man A62.818
Unknown man
Print, Photographic A66.257
Print, Photographic
Robert Billing A66.453
Robert Billing
Unknown women and child A96.286
Unknown women and child
Unknown man A96.287
Unknown man
Unknown man at work
Reverend John Whiteley PHO2002-736
Reverend John Whiteley
Cowling family at "Hurdon", Westown PHO2004-211
Cowling family at "Hurdon", Westown
Unidentified man A66.448
Unidentified man
Warren Children PHO2007-006
Warren Children