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Accession No Name/Title
Unidentified children PHO2011-2019
Unidentified children
Langley Pepperell PHO2011-2028
Langley Pepperell
May Pepperell PHO2011-2030
May Pepperell
May Pepperell PHO2011-2032
May Pepperell
May Pepperell PHO2011-2033
May Pepperell
May Pepperell PHO2011-2040
May Pepperell
Pepperell family in stream PHO2011-1965
Pepperell family in stream
Beatrice Connett wearing Māori cloak PHO2011-1966
Beatrice Connett wearing Māori cloak
Gladys Beard PHO2011-1969
Gladys Beard
Nurses with babies PHO2011-1975
Nurses with babies
May Pepperell PHO2011-1976
May Pepperell
Pauline Dewston PHO2011-1979
Pauline Dewston
Nurses with babies PHO2011-2031
Nurses with babies