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Accession No Name/Title
J H M Good PHO2009-217
J H M Good
Rangitiatia Te Wehi (1879-1915) PHO2009-235
Rangitiatia Te Wehi (1879-1915)
William Rangiteihinga Pratt PHO2009-238
William Rangiteihinga Pratt
"Follett Carrington" PHO2009-223
"Follett Carrington"
"Wikitoria Kepa"
Robert Dudley Cameron PHO2009-302
Robert Dudley Cameron
"Edwin Earp, bandmaster" PHO2010-0746
"Edwin Earp, bandmaster"
Unknown man PHO2010-0747
Unknown man
Unknown children A96.282
Unknown children
Harry Peters at his house at Kaimiro
Unknown Maori woman A66.131
Unknown Maori woman
Te Kirihaehae Pitiroi PHO2011-2342
Te Kirihaehae Pitiroi
Arapata of Urenui PHO2011-2341
Arapata of Urenui
Jane Hooker PHO2009-309
Jane Hooker
John Hooker PHO2009-310
John Hooker
Nathaniel Hooker PHO2009-323
Nathaniel Hooker
The Harbour Association of New Zealand Seventeenth Conference at New Plymouth 12th to 14th October, 1949
Josiah Flight PHO2009-338
Josiah Flight
Romulus Street PHO2009-339
Romulus Street
Jane Street (nee Barriball) PHO2009-340
Jane Street (nee Barriball)
Elizabeth Howell (nee Jennings) PHO2009-341
Elizabeth Howell (nee Jennings)
Simeon Howell PHO2009-342
Simeon Howell
Urenui School PHO2009-374
Urenui School
Personnel of HMS Empress PHO2009-252
Personnel of HMS Empress