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Accession No Name/Title
Unidentified Children PHO2011-0041
Unidentified Children
Pihama Athletic Club PHO2011-2003
Pihama Athletic Club
Hickman and Clouston Children PHO2011-0843
Hickman and Clouston Children
Affleck, Boys PHO2012-0322
Affleck, Boys
Affleck, Girls PHO2012-0324
Affleck, Girls
Affleck, Girls PHO2012-0326
Affleck, Girls
Affleck, Girls PHO2012-0325
Affleck, Girls
Affleck, Children PHO2012-0327
Affleck, Children
Affleck, Children PHO2012-0328
Affleck, Children
Marjorie Shirley PHO2013-0034
Marjorie Shirley
Mavis Brunette's Dancing Group PHO2013-0058
Mavis Brunette's Dancing Group
Arthur Frederick Dobbin with "Motor Car", Oaonui PHO2004-173
Arthur Frederick Dobbin with "Motor Car", Oaonui
Charlotte Rowland PHO2015-0239
Charlotte Rowland
Rowland Children PHO2015-0240
Rowland Children
Dick Barron PHO2014-0382
Dick Barron
James Clouston PHO2015-0010
James Clouston
Thomas Clouston PHO2015-0013
Thomas Clouston
Clouston Children PHO2015-0018
Clouston Children
"Peace Celibrations [sic], July 1919 Opunake" PHO2010-0490
"Peace Celibrations [sic], July 1919 Opunake"
Peace Day Celebrations, Ihaia Road School Group PHO2010-0491
Peace Day Celebrations, Ihaia Road School Group
"Mary Lawn, Pungarehu" PHO2008-416
"Mary Lawn, Pungarehu"
"Mary Lawn, Pungarehu (for Joe Lawn)"