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Watercolour depicting Marlborough District coast taken from the deck of the "William Bryan" - March 1841. Painted in very light hue.
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Residence of Edwin Harris. Depicts house centre middleground with woman and child on path in front. Three people on horses are on the road outside the gate. Mt Taranaki/Egmont is visible right background.
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Small watercolour depicting a view of the Sugar Loaves from the mainland. Very light hue with cleared land in immediate foreground and three small trees between the land and water in middleground. Distant view of Sugar Loaves in background. Unsigned.
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The Royal Regiment of Artillery colours. The colours include the Royal Arms of England placed above a gun. Commonly known as the Royal Artillery, the Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises a number of regiments and is an arm of the British Army.
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Panorama of New Plymouth from Queen Street, 1844. Shows William Spain's land tenure meeting on Mt Eliot in the distance.
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Imperial troops disembarking the "H.M.V.S. Victoria" off the coast of New Plymouth. Two surfboats carrying soldiers in red coats are featured in the foreground. Both boats are chartered by men in blue and white suits (Navy?) and a large cask floats in the water to the left of the boat in the left corner. Men wearing both uniforms can be seen on board the "H.M.V.S. Victoria" which is flying the Union Jack from a staff at the rear of the boat. Several other ships, including the "Airedale", "George Henderson" and "Tasmanian Maid", are headed towards New Plymouth which is located near the centre left edge beneath Mt Taranaki/Egmont. The barracks on Marsland Hill is the main feature of the settlement. The Pouakai and Kaitake ranges, as well as the Sugar Loaf Islands, feature as part of the landscape profile.
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