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Photograph of the Egmont Brewery situated on Queen Street New Plymouth, a wooden house can be seen in the centre with the brewery building at the rear. Two horse and carts stand on the road and workmen are gathered on the verandah of the house.
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Brewery horse and cart, workers and two children outside on a cobbled road. Located on Queen Street, New Plymouth. The workers and children have been identified as, from left to right, Mr I. Inch, Mr John Newton Johnson, Sydney Lovell, Thomas Spicer Lovell, Norman Lovell, Mr Wilson (the brewer) and possibly Mr J. Trigger (the drayman).
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Egmont Breweries on Queen Street, New Plymouth. Staff standing in front of the building include (left to right): L. Jackson, J. Johnson, J. Mason, F. Wood, S. Stroud, W. Chong, T. Revell, T. Francis, N.F. Clarke, R. Marshall, A. Nathan, J.E. Nixon (in car), J. Johnson and A. Lindsay (in cart).
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Panoramic view of Egmont Brewery on Queen Street, New Plymouth. A car and two trucks, their trays full of crates, are parked outside the brewery. Twelve Egmont Brewery staff stand in a line on the footpath outside the building. They have been identified as, from left to right: Ken Johnson, Roy Mason, Dick Stewart, John Quirke, Jack Midhurst, Peter Erskine, Noel Autridge, Alan Nicoll, Jim Hood, Fred Lyes, Len Green and Bill Mason.
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A pack of Draught Provincial Bitter beer cards without the jokers. Each card is printed with the logo on the reverse side and a card has been adhered logo side out to the front of the cardboard box.
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