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Small watercolour depicting a view of the Sugar Loaves from the mainland. Very light hue with cleared land in immediate foreground and three small trees between the land and water in middleground. Distant view of Sugar Loaves in background. Unsigned.
Accession No

Watercolour depicting two vessels in the middleground docked at wharf. Smoke is coming from both the ships chimneys; also from chimney on wharf.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting a small pilot boat on the river with smoke coming out of her chimney.
Accession No

Small watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting a view of the sea and Saddleback Island from the New Plymouth coastline. Depicts rocks and breaking waves in foreground with larger group of rocks at left middleground. Saddleback Island in right background.
Accession No

Coastal scene by Bernard Aris depicting large island off shore (possibly Moturoa) in right middleground and smaller rock to left. Sand and breaking waves in the foreground.
Accession No

View of Saddleback Island with large bare rock in immediate foreground. Outline worked in ink.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting a coastal scene taken from Back Beach, New Plymouth. Two islands in midground with sea shore in foreground. Saddleback Island in the left distance. Mainland righthand side - midground.
Accession No

Watercolour depicting a view of a red implement shed beside which two tall poles with a cross-piece along the top stand. Hills and Mount Taranaki/Egmont in the distance. Colours of each section (written in pencil) visible in places.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting a view of Taranaki taken from the slopes of Mt Taranaki/Egmont. Brown cottage with red roof in left foreground (depicted from the rear), a corrogated iron shed is situated lower down the slopes. Large, possibly dead, tree to right of cottage in foreground. Beyond the buildings is a view of Taranaki farm land and Mt Ruapehu.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting Victoria Street bridge (over the Waikato River), Hamilton. Only part of the bridge is shown (Hamilton East end). Below bridge is the Waikato River and three boats on the water.
Accession No

The Royal Regiment of Artillery colours. The colours include the Royal Arms of England placed above a gun. Commonly known as the Royal Artillery, the Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises a number of regiments and is an arm of the British Army.
Accession No

Mt Taranaki/Egmont as depicted from the air. Picture is a composition of colours applied with broad brush strokes. Colours include pale greens, blues, lilac, violet, orange, black and white. Concentration of cream within middle top region, and directional change in brush stroke and line, form the shape of the mountain with black and white detail highlighting shape.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting line of trees behind a white wooden fence. Rendered in greens, browns, pinks and blue.
Accession No