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Small watercolour depicting a view of the Sugar Loaves from the mainland. Very light hue with cleared land in immediate foreground and three small trees between the land and water in middleground. Distant view of Sugar Loaves in background. Unsigned.
Accession No

The Royal Regiment of Artillery colours. The colours include the Royal Arms of England placed above a gun. Commonly known as the Royal Artillery, the Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises a number of regiments and is an arm of the British Army.
Accession No

An arrangement of pressed ferns presented in an ornate gilt frame.
Accession No

Red leather album with gold embossed title: "Ferns of N Z, Whangamomona 17/4/10". Arranged ferns and moss have been glued onto card pages with pink interleaves. Of the 19 arrangements, only five include labels.
Accession No

Vegetable caterpillar, more commonly known as the lava of the moth Sphink convolvuli or in Māori pēpe. The larva is infected with a a parasitic fungus named Cordiceps robertsii. Catapillar is visibly thicker at one end.
Accession No