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View of Mount Taranaki and the Sugar Loaf Islands from the sea.
Accession No

View of the New Plymouth breakwater at Ngamotu, Paritutu and the Sugar Loaf Islands.
Accession No

Embossed woodcut print of Mount Taranaki viewed from the head of the Whanganui River. The river is portrayed as a series of curling koru shapes that rise up in a wave formation on the left of the image. These koru shapes are echoed in the sky and are also embossed into the paper itself. Mount Taranaki is pictured on the right. The contours of the mountain are expressed in feather-like shapes. The image is rendered mostly in black and brown. Turquoise is also used as an underlying layer and is most visible where the river curls into a wave, accentuating the reference to water and movement.
Accession No