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Miss Belle Allen, a teacher at Fitzroy Primary School, was a member of the North Taranaki Branch of the New Zealand Education Institute.
The Institute was formed in 1896 and, while it is not known when Belle Allen joined, she was elected to the Management Committee in 1928 serving in various capacities until retirement in 1949
The presentation manuscript, contains signatures of colleges, and extracts from Annual reports, reflecting Miss Allen's contribution to the North Taranaki Branch of the New Zealand Education Institute over the years.
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In 1875, Irish born Colonel Robert Trimble brought his wife Jane and family of 5 sons (Alfred, Heywood, Montfort, Harold and Shirley) and three daughters (Nora, Ellie and Jessie) to New Zealand, settling in near Inglewood. They purchased and developed a property on the main road near the Norfolk Road junction and called it Riverdale.
The letters are written primarily by Nora and Ellie Trimble, two unmarried sisters who remained at the family property. The letters are directed to their niece Dorothy (daughter of Heywood) and her two children Betty and Joan who were living in Otago.
Nora and Ellie write of daily life on the farm, cooking, preserving, reading books, and social exchanges. They make comment on individuals and families in the district and describe trips to New Plymouth. Adventurous spirited Ellie develops a passion for aviation and while she never learnt to fly, planes are often mentioned in her letters.
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Eliza Hobson was the wife of Captain William Hobson, Governor of New Zealand 1841 - 1842 This is a typescript copy of letters 1835 - 1846 from Eliza and William Hobson to various recipients, not arranged chronologically. Manuscript copies held by Alexander Turnbull Library.
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Either research or speech notes titled Pioneer Women - their every day lives in the 40s & 50's [sic]. While the author is unidentified, this may be the notes for a paper delivered to the New Plymouth Historical Society in the 1940s.
The writer describes life in the young settlement of New Plymouth, mentioning people and conditions.
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Established in 1963, the Fitzroy Inner Wheel collection includes the Minutes of the Committee meetings 1963 - 1997 (mins for 1977 - 84 are missing), some financial statements and correspondence. Includes the inaugural minutes.
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The Taranaki International Women's Group emerged from the 1993 Suffrage celebrations. Twenty races/countries were represented at the first luncheon held in October 1993.
Over the next few years, the group organised international dinners and luncheons, supporting and encouraging each other to celebrate unique aspects of their own and others cultural differences.
The collection includes some minutes, membership lists, newspaper clippings etc. 1993 - 1995
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An invoice/receipt for fabric purchased from the Moa Farmer's Union Ltd, Inglewood. The fabric and accessories were used to make Betti Allemann's wedding dress. Betti married John Edward Nicholls at St Andrew's church, Inglewood on 27th July 1899.
Also an original photograph of Betti and John at their wedding (2004-5) and a copy photograph showing staff standing on the street in front of Moa Farmer's Union General Store (2004-6)
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A letter from McKelham to Captain Grey, master of the ship Blenheim, advising that Mary Ann Baird has disembarked at Wellington. November 11 1842
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Elizabeth Guard nee Parker, was one of the few European women living in the New Zealand whaling community in pre-European settlement days. She sailed with her husband John (Jacky) Guard and had a whaling station in Te Awaiti in the Tory Channel.
In 1834, their ship, the Harriet, was driven ashore near Te Namu, Opunake where she was taken captive. She was rescued by British troops some five months later. The essay written by Amy Macdonald, Marlborough Federation, W.I. and abridged by C.A. Macdonald, gives an account of the life of Betty Guard (nee Parker)
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Kathleen Wickstead (nee Letts) was born in New Plymouth and lived in Waitara. In this interview, she talks of meeting her future husband, their courtship and their marriage in 1932.
Recorded: 5 May 1995
Interviewer: Ireen Crossan
Abstraction: Jan Wilks
Restriction: None
Accession No

Oral history. Rauna Dorothy Edwards was born in Opunake in 1935. Rauna had health problems as a child and was taken to various alternative health practitioners including Mr Jenkins (Chiropractor). She speaks of her childhood and her desire to go nursing. Rauna describes training at Hawera Hospital. On completion of her training she went to Wanganui, working in a surgical ward. She talks also of her family and her return to nursing.
Recorded: 24 October 1995
Interviewer: Margaret Fox
Abstraction: Mary Whiting/Mary Donald
Restriction: None
Accession No

Oral history. A forum organised by the Waitara Genealogy Group, recording the reminiscences of: Mrs Annie Luxton, Mrs Margaret Ham, Mrs Molly Love, Mrs Sue Wallace, Miss Queenie Silby, Mrs Pat Knight, Mrs Violet McAsey, Mrs Mabel Gynell, Miss Connie Collins, Mrs Norma Geary, Mrs Grace Steele, Mrs Doris Yardley.
Recorded: 28 April 1993
By: Connor, Jo
Abstraction: Walker, Judith
Restrictions: None
Accession No

A transcription made by Fred B. Butler, during the period January to March 1957, of marriage registers of Methodist Churches in New Plymouth and Inglewood.
Primitive Methodist 1873 - 1885
Queen St Chapel & grounds 1880
Methodist 1880 - 1892
Primitive Methodist 1903 - 1905
South Road Methodist 1905 - 1907
Methodist 1905 - 07 and 1909 - 1915
Primitive Methodist 1885 - 1896 and 1900 - 1903
Inglewood Primitive Methodist 1906 - 1910
Inglewood/ Eltham Primitive Methodist 1895 - 1906
Fitzroy Primitive Methodist 1905 - 1909
Liardet St Wesleyan 1892 - 1902
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A collection of reminiscences about their school days made by former pupils of New Plymouth Girls High School at a meeting of the NPGHS Old Girls' Association on 10 November 1993. Speakers are Nancy Robertshawe, Anita Walter, Lois Wynard, Jean Jones, Raeburne Barclay and Glenice Jenkinson.
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A joint New Plymouth Library/Taranaki Museum project, established as part of the centennial celebrations for Suffrage Year 1993. Project co-ordinators Viv Bone (New Plymouth Public Library) and Mary Donald (Taranaki Museum).
The group had hoped to compile a database of 300/400 Pakeha and Maori women, the information to be publically available through the Museum and Library and eventually to publish a book containing the life stories of 50 women, this did not eventuate.
There are aproximately 240 womens' biographies, a printed index was lodged in the New Plymouth Library and the documents in the Taranaki Museum Archive, a searchable index was created in 2007 to provide access to these.
The collection contains biographical information on notable Taranaki women between 1943 and 1993 which was created as part of the suffrage centennial celebrations in 1993.
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Oral history. Her early interest in music developed at school in Inglewood and Wanganui at the Jean Aldrich School, which she eventually took over. Went to Massey to learn to be a wool classer. Married and returned to live in Inglewood studying music theory while bringing up a family. Obtained her ATCL and then LTCL. Went on to teach at Inglewood schools and acquired a travel award to Canada. She then concentrated on music therapy and was asked to be a facilitator for the NZ Cert of Achievement in the music area.
Recorded: 23 August 2000
Interviewer: Brian Clark
Abstraction: Floss Lambert
Restrictions: None
Accession No

Architectural plan for the Syme Memorial Womens Rest Room located on High Street in Hāwera. Created by architects Duffill and Gibson for the Hawera Borough Council in June 1932.
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John William Berry was born in Greymouth, New Zealand, the son of William Augustus (a carpenter) and Alice Berry (nee Kelly). And Isabella was born in Greta, New South Wales, daughter of Robert (a coal miner) and Mary Lobley (nee Jackson).
A Certificate and declaration of marriage between John William Berry and Isabella Hardy Lobley in New South Wales, Australia, dated 31st December 1901
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The records of the Inglewood branch, League of Mothers includes a brief history of the Inglewood branch, two scrapbooks and misc. clippings and papers.
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An incomplete copy of 'Parting Words to a Young Female Emigrant'. London : Religious Tract Society, [ca. 1852]
Part of the last chapter is missing along with the binding. The booklet gives advice to women emigrants to Australia including cautions, temptations and mistaken notions. c1852
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In 1993, women throughout New Zealand celebrated the centennial of women's suffrage in New Zealand. Funded by the Government, Women's Suffrage, Whakatu Wahine 1893 - 1993 organised a network of groups in all regions who organised events and ran projects to recognise the achievements of women.
The New Plymouth Suffrage Group encouraged women in the greater New Plymouth area to organise their own events and acted as a liaison between the community and the Wellington based Women's Suffrage, Whakatu Wahine 1893 - 1993
The collection consists of an incompeted set of minutes, correspondence, flyers, newsletters, photographs etc relating to events held in Taranaki. Including material distributed by 'Women's Suffrage, Whakatu Wahine 1893 - 1993' and other regional groups illustrating events/happenings in New Zealand. Also flyers etc regarding merchantising Suffrage memorabelia.
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The Country Women's Institute (CWI) or Women's Institute as it was known up to 1952, was designed to provide country women with support and education. The CWI promoted home crafts, music, drama, arts and crafts and encouraged an active role in rural life.
The North Taranaki District Federation of Country Women's Institutes is the umbrella organisations for the many CWI branches throughout the region.
The collection contains the records of the Executive Committee and a number of defunct branches.
Accession No

Unidentified diary that was likely written by a woman and is probably Kate Hursthouse.
A copy taken from a foolscap sized diary with three daily entries per page, from Thursday January 1 to April 30 1863.
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Five sets of memoirs written by Valda Tyson which detail; childhood during the 1930's, adolescent years during WWII, wartime experiences, impressions of the Netherlands. The story of Arthur Hogg (torpedoed on the Rotorua 1940 enroute to England for officer cadet training in the merchant navy).
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Copy of the publication created for the reunion of Rangiatea Methodist Maori Girls' Hostel, New Plymouth. Held on the 23 - 25th October 2004 at Rangiatea, South Road, New Plymouth.
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