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Tintype portrait of two children standing on stone steps outside an unidentified building. The boy is wearing a cardigan, trousers and shoes and the girl is wearing a dress with a light colour around the sleeves and collar, stockings and boots. Both children are looking directly at the camera and are not smiling.
Accession No

Centennial commemoration at Turuturu Mōkai redoubt, Hāwera. Shows Rigby Allan making his speech. Behind him is a car and three men. The right side of the image is slightly obscured by the photographers finger. The centennial commemoration was a joint occasion between Te Ngutu o Te Manu and Turuturu Mōkai.
Accession No

Painted version of the colours and battle honours of the 14th (Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot of the British Army.
Accession No

Ambrotype portrait of John Oxenham (presumed left) and Frank Standish (presumed right). Both men are seated on a lounger. Oxenham is wearing a casual shirt and is looking at the camera. Standish is wearing a jacket and bow tie and is looking away from the camera. The ambrotype is surrounded by a plain metal matt with embossed gold metal edging and is contained in a plain maroon/brown leather case with painted gold patterns around the edge. The case has lost its lid. There are two clasps mounted along the top edge of the case (if oriented per image). Both men were scouts and dispatch riders in the First Taranaki War, 1860-61.
Accession No

Carte de visite of William Bolland Davies wearing military uniform. Davies is standing in a studio setting with his left hand resting on a podium with a small statue of a child with a dog on it. At Davies' right there is a round table with a tablecloth that has been hand-tinted pale blue and a book on it with a curtain behind. Davies is wearing breeches with boots and a long jacket with a strap across the front and a medal on his left side. The collar and cuffs of his jacket have been hand-tinted red. Daves is also wearing a hat and has a short beard.
Accession No

Four photographic images of unidentified sitters. Framed in a rectangular oak frame.
1. A Maori gentleman standing wearing a white fedora, white shirt and tie with suit and waistcoat. He has a fob chain and wears a flower in his lapel. His right hand rests on the back of a chair.
2. Two soldiers are seated on a bench with legs crossed and hands clasped at knees. They wear dress uniform and peaked caps.
3. A head and shoulders portrait of a Maori lady with shortish hair. She wears a dress with a bow at the neck and buttons on the front.
4. A Maori lady and gentleman. The man is standing with his left hand on a chair. He is wearing a dark suit with waistcoat, white shirt, tie and fob chain. There is a flower in his buttonhole. His hat rests at his feet on Maori cloaks. The woman is seated in a chair and is the same sitter that features in the third photograph.
Accession No

A profile head and shoulder photographic portrait depicting an unidentified military officer. He wears a peaked cap, dress jacket, bandolier over his right shoulder and has a small moustache. This is contained in a rectangular frame with an oval window, brown veneer matt, and glazing.
Accession No

Framed portrait of Corporal William David Kemp, who was killed in action August 13 1915 at Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli. He is wearing military uniform and is seated on a carved wooden chair with his legs crossed. His hat is sitting on a carved wooden table on his right. Kemp has short hair and a moustache. A studio backdrop with a curtain and window is visible in the background. The portrait is contained in a gold mat with an oak frame.
Accession No

Framed portrait of an unidentified Royal Naval Air Serviceman in military uniform. The man is seated on a wooden chair and is holding a whip. The background of the photograph has been removed.
Accession No

Ambrotype portrait of an unidentified young boy. He is seated in a chair next to a table. He is wearing trousers, a jacket with large buttons and a scarf tied in a bow at his neck. He has his head held high so he is looking down his nose at the camera. His hands are in his lap. The portrait is not matted or contained in a case.
Accession No

Photograph of the Presentation of Colours to Taranaki Militia and Volunteers by Lady Warre. Large group of Taranaki Militia and volunteers (some mounted) gathered at Poverty Flat(?) with Marsland Hill in the background.There is a drum on the ground in front of a man in the centre of the photograph. Many of the men hold their swords or rifles in front of them. Two men are mounted on the left hand side of the image.
Accession No

Carte de visite portrait of James Minns, drummer; photographed in studio with drum bearing royal crest. Inscription on reverse: "James Minns - Drummer in either '65 or '66 Taranaki Maori War"
Accession No

Carte de visite portrait of Captain Charles Stapp of the Taranaki Militia. Stapp is dressed in military uniform. He is holding his sword in his right hand and resting it on the forearm of his left arm. There is a leather chair on the left side of the image and his cap rests on the chair. On the same side of the image is an arched window with a view to a house and some greenery. There is a curtain on the right side of the image.
Accession No

View of Thomas Potter Lister's thatched cottage at Pukearuhe Armed Constabulary Station. Shows men milking cow, with horse and dog.
Accession No

Photograph of some of the Armed Constabulary in bush clothing (wearing "shawl-kilts") with group of Maori men and women. The Maori are seated on the ground along with some of the Armed Constabulary. The Armed Constabulary are holding guns and many of them are wearing hats. Photograph is mounted on card.
Accession No

Photographic print recording the first reunion of the Waireka Veterans. Depicts a group of men in civilian clothing in front of the Provincial and Borough Chambers, King Street. Names inscribed on the photo mount are as follows:
W. Berridge
G. Hoby
Wm. Bayly
W. Marshall
E. Bullott
Thomas Allen
Lieutenant H.Y. Brown
Lieutenant William Free
Captain Mat Jonas
Colonel Stapp
Major Chas. Brown
Captain Jas. McKellar
Thomas Veale
Thomas McGuines
James Honeyfield
W.D. Webster
Captain William Newland
Matt Carrier
William Smart
Geo. Haig
W. Wilson
William Tatton
Robt. Baker
Erasmus Armitage
Henry Hooker
Frank Oliver
Joe Ward
William Pearce
W.J. Grayling
Ben Bishop
Geo. Robinson
Sam Allan
Sam Loveridge
John Andrews
Jas Pearn Kenyon
Captain Frank J. Mace
Captain F.L. Webster
Accession No

Hand tinted ambrotype portrait of a unknown boy, possibly from the Woon family. He is standing on a high backed chair. He is holding the top of one side of the chair with one hand and has his other hand in his pocket. He is wearing a tunic with prominent buttons down the front and boots with socks. His skin has been hand tinted pink, particularly his cheeks. The portrait has an embossed metal frame with embossed metal edging and is housed in an embossed brown leather case with a missing lid. There are double clasps mounted on the right hand side of the case's base. The ambrotype is not covered with protective glass.
Accession No

Bust portrait of New Zealand Cross winner Francis Joseph (Frank) Mace. He is dressed in a dark suit and tie with white shirt. He is wearing his New Zealand Cross.
Accession No

The Royal Regiment of Artillery colours. The colours include the Royal Arms of England placed above a gun. Commonly known as the Royal Artillery, the Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises a number of regiments and is an arm of the British Army.
Accession No

Portrait of Private Donald Hugh Jonas, who died of wounds at Tobruk, Libya during World War II. He is buried at the Tobruk War Cemetery.
Accession No

The A.S.V Kommodore Johnsen, last German cadet training ship to enter the New Plymouth harbour before WWII.
Accession No

An ambrotype portrait of an unidentified young boy seated on a side table. He wears a bow tie at the neck, jacket, long shorts and knee length socks. The portrait is contained in an embossed metal matt with an oval window and embossed metal edging, which has then been inserted into a black wooden frame with gold detailing.
Accession No

James Gilbert Duffill, son of John Alfred and Eliza Duffill, standing in Royal New Zealand Air Force uniform.
Accession No

Three WWI soldiers from Cardiff (Taranaki) seated on camels in front of the pyramids Egypt. Sitters are in uniform and, from left to right, include an unidentified soldier, Wallace Belcher and P. Marchant. (loaned for copying)
Accession No

A portrait of Edward F Hemingway in military dress. Hemingway is wearing three military medals, two from the Crimean War and one New Zealand Medal. He is shown as an elderly man with a large beard and moustache.
Accession No