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Carte de visite of Robert Davies as a young child. Davies is sitting on a chair with fringing around the bottom of the seat and back. He is leaning up against a pillow that is propped against a pillar. He is wearing a light-tone top with dark sleeves and a striped belt around his chest. He is also wearing shoes with knee-high socks. Davies is holding something in his right hand. The carte de visite has a red border around the edge.
Accession No

A carte-de-visite portrait of an infant, possibly Vida Chong (daughter of Chew and Elizabeth Chong).
Accession No

Photograph of a group of children and Taare Waitara at Parihaka mounted on card. The children are in three rows with those in the first row seated, those in the second are kneeling, and those in the third row are standing. Taare Waitara is standing in the centre of the group - he is wearing a suit and a hat and his pocket watch can be seen. He is holding a staff in his right hand. The children are holding feathers and some have them in their hair. There is a hill that has been cleared of trees and bush in the background.
Accession No