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Group portrait of the attendees at the the Seventeenth Harbour Association of New Zealand Conference held in New Plymouth.
Back Row: E.N. Adams (Bluff), N.D. Cullen (Bluff), H. Meachen (Assistant Secretary), A.L. Burk (Lyttleton), J. Renton (Otago), G.A. Eddows (New Plymouth), R.C. Murphy (Gisborne), S. Vickers (New Plymouth), P.F. Higgins (Napier), E.A. Khull (Gisborne).

Third Row: G.M. Fraser (New Plymouth), W.R. Boon (Whakatane), I. Hedditch (Wanganui), C.G. Burgess (Wanganui), W.H. Hall (Timaru), A.N. Taylor (Auckland), T.M. Finnerty (Bluff), H. Holderness (Lyttleton), R.E. Cairns (Lyttleton), J.R. Harland (Napier), N.A. Murphy (Whangarei), E.L. Whimp (Whangarei), W.R. Johns (New Plymouth), T.J. Guthrie (Oamaru), S.L.C. Shepherd (Whangarei).

Second Row: W.J. Walker (Tauanga), J.D. Alach (Tauranga), C.G. Lucas (Whakatane), F.B. Maunder (Tauranga), P. McLennan (Auckland), H. Turner (Auckland), W.N. Austin (Hokianga), H. Chappell (Hokianga), W.L. Fitzherbert (Wellington), J.H. Brunt (Nelson), M.P. Congdon (Wellington), A. Jones (Nelson), R. Freeland (Auckland), G.H Meuli (Patea), J.D Hislop (Bay of Islands), A.I. Skudder (Bay of Islands), W.J. Gardner (Secretary).

Front Row: E.A Millward (Wanganui), W.C. Smith (Secretary, Maine), C.G. Hamilton (Bluff), E.J. Herrick (Napier), W.F. McCallum (Auckland), E.R.C. Gilmour (Mayor of New Plymouth), W.H. Price (President), J.L. Campbell (New Plymouth), C.W. Tyler (Lyttleton), W.R Clarke (Otago), Sir Charles Norwood (Wellington), D.A. Robertson (Dock and Harbour Assn., United Kingdom), A.J. Nicol (Gisborne).
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Portrait of an unidentified woman with singer John Boulter, Bowl of Brooklands, New Plymouth. Boulter is wearing a beige coloured jacket and is holding a piece of paper in one hand. The woman is wearing beige trousers, a white top and a red, blue and white scarf. The Bowl sound shell is visible behind them.
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John Boulter performing on the Bowl of Brooklands stage, New Plymouth. He is accompanied by an unidentified woman. The backing choir and conductor are pictured behind them.
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Studio portrait of the Fitzroy Surf Club Inc. Competitive Club Members. Back row left to right: W. Clow; R. Fraser; G. Armstrong; D. Knapman; G. Manning; G. Fraser; J. Velvin; J. Power; B. Turner. Second row left to right: M. Earley; H. Fraser; C. Grace; J. Knapman; J. Earley; M. Clow (Hon. Secretary); L. Knapman; R. Christmas; D. Christmas. Third row left to right: C. Rofe; G. Johnstone (Executive); L. Knapman (Executive); G. Johns; P. McAsey (Executive); N. Earley; R. C. Johns (Club Capt); R. Webster. Sitting left to right: F. W. Clow (President); D. Earley; B. Velvin; R. R. Johns (Treasurer); N. Berntsen; A. Drent; D. Parker; S. Alsop (Executive).
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Studio portrait of the Fitzroy Surf Club Inc. Junior Team, 1959-1960. Back row left to right: R. Cleland; L. F. Whittle; R. J. Webster; M. R. Walsh; B. G. Carter. Front row left to right: G. A. Johns; B . J. Rudd.
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Back Row: L Armstrong, M Hodge, P Brown, R Bisson, W Wright, R Canterbury, G Kaweroa, S Baker, S Atkinson, S Van der Bosch, F Kingi, T Galo, L Mei, D Bidios, R Trotter, M Duthie, J Greach, F Smith. Middle Row: I Broughton, J Walker, M Nepia, C Thomas, W Mulligan, B Martin, W Carr, U Brooker, H Karauna, M Grieves, D Skipper, G Baker, M Curtis, K Waa, J Coffin, S Cooper. Front Row: R Edwards, M Thompson, R Katu, J Pomana (Head Boy), Mr Ellis, Mrs Blake, R Kahika, Mr Kahika (Master) Rev Couch (Chaplain), Mrs Kahika, Mrs Hopkinson, H Chaffey, A Krumanacher (Dept Head Boy) R Mathews, R Grace, L Maraku.
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Lois Newton, Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1960.
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Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1963.
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Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1964.
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Group photograph of the attendees at the Harbours Conference of New Zealand held in New Plymouth, 5th-7th November, 1958.
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Group portrait of the Taranaki Harbours Board, 1983-1986.
Back Row: D.C. Pease, N.R. Moller, L.S. Hickey, P.N. Atkinson, D.A. Ogier, P.G.S. Crichton, D.C. Giles, D.H. Tempero, D.R. Ranger.
Front Row: A.G.R. Williams, A.G. Barnitt, D. Mander, R.P. Snodgrass, G.B. Gibson (Chairman), J.C. Williams (Deputy Chairman), J.G. Boddy, L.C. Laird, C.G. Buckrell.
Absent: I.D. Colson, G.C. Grace, E.G. King.
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Six mounted and annotated silver gelatin photographs relating to the activities of Ivon Watkins Ltd, later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Titles of photographs are: "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Aerial Operators' Technical School, April 1956"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Spray Contractors' Conference, New Plymouth - April 30th-May 1st, 1957"; "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Master Distributors' Conference 1960"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Weedone Specialists School of Instruction, New Plymouth 1962"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Seminar, August 1964"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Division 1968".
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Collection of photographs and negatives relating to Ivon Watkins Ltd (established 1944), later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd (1964-1990), which produced agricultural products including herbicides and and pesticides. The company was based at 89 Paritutu Road, New Plymouth. The collection consists of 36 colour prints, 32 black and white prints, 2 black and white sheet negatives, 5 colour 35mm strip negatives and 1 colour slide. The photographs depict mostly views of the company's operations and premises taken by various commercial photography studios. The collection also features several photographs of company co-founder Daniel Anthony (Dan) Watkins.
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Thirty two formal team photographs of various Fitzroy Surf Lifesaving teams dating from 1933-34 to 1969-70. Most of the photographs are studio photographs and have annotated cardboard mounts with names.
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Box of photographs including 25 formal team photographs of various Fitzroy Surf Lifesaving teams dating from 1970-1996. Most of the photographs have annotated cardboard mounts with names. Box also includes 68 small silver gelatin candid photographs mounted on loose album pages of various subjects dating from the 1930s; 8 colour photographs mounted on studio proof sheets of several teams; and 3 photomechanical reproductions mounted on loose album pages of the Lyall Bay surf championships 1936.
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A bridal party of, from left to right, a groomsman, the groom, bride and a bridesmaid stand on the lawn of a wooded garden. The bride and her bridesmaid carry bunches of flowers and the groom and his groomsman have flowers in their button holes. Behind the bridesmaid part of a garden bench is visible.
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Formal group photograph of the fourteen members of the Moller Majorettes marching team. The young women are posed in two loose rows with their many trophies and shields laid out in front of them. The marchers wear their formal uniform of yellow, black and red tartan kilts and hats, black blazers with medals on the lapels, white shirts, red ties, belts and gloves and white boots. The marchers also wear red aprons displaying medals. The coach and chaperone are wearing the team's travelling uniform of red blazers over patterned dresses. In the back row are, from left to right, Donna Lynch, Eileen Hall, Carolyn Shaw, Tracey Budd, Debbis Bendall, Leonie Carr and Debora Gyde. In the front row are, from left to right, Lorraine Rau (Chaperone), Helen Bull, Julie Smith, Julie Briscoe (Leader, seated), Karen Bull, Glenda Briscoe and Margaret Briscoe (Coach). The Moller Majorettes won the New Zealand Marching Championships in 1981 and represented New Zealand at the inter-dominion competition in Australia.
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Informal group photograph of the Moller Majorettes marching team. The team members, their coach and chaperone have assumed candid poses. Several team members pose with some of the team's trophies. Further shields and trophies are strewn on the floor in front of the group. The marchers wear their marching uniforms. The coach and chaperone wear the team's travelling uniform. The Moller Majorettes won the New Zealand Marching Championships in 1981 and represented New Zealand at the inter-dominion competition in Australia.
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Group portrait of club members and instructors from Taranaki's Surf Lifesaving Clubs attending the New Plymouth Old Boys' Swimming and Surf Club's Lifegaurd Training School at Oakura Beach, October 1949. The group is arranged on the beach in front of the Old Boys' club buildings. On the beach in the foreground is an Old Boys surf reel, two surf boards, flippers, a paddle, and two flotation devices. Most of the people in the group are wearing red and white shirts with "LEOPARD" on them.

From left in the back row: R. Titcombe, D.Partington, W. Keegan, C. Boon, J. Brown, B. Harold, D. Wright, B. Hitchcock, D. Harold, C. West.

From left in the fifth row: L. Forrest, A. Thorstensen, L. Huffam, G. Morgan, V. Eaton, A. Thomson, R. Armstrong, P. Bridge, N. Jans, J. Henderson, W. Hana, G. Lundt, D. Adams, M. Neal, S. Geange, K. Wightman, M. Goodwin, N. Nodder, C. Brooking, W. Smart, S. Marshall, L. Gilmer.

From left in the fourth row: D. McGill, B. Doherty, G. Maddern, C. Davis, R. Shaw, A. Flynn, B. Gould, M. THomson, M. Hopkins, R. Cole, R. Walsh, G. Kitto, D. Hickey, R. Ockhuysen, G. Redford, G. Morris, P. Bennett, K. Blair, S. Bunting, R. Glentworth, P. Wester, W. Taylor, J. Buckrell, T. Partington.

From left in the third row: M. Glasier, T. Gaya, J. Glassier, P. Housiaux, J. Nodder, J. Housiaux, I. Russell, D. Ludbrook, R. Edwards, P. Ryan, B. Dalgleish, G. Johns, B. Velvin, B. Marsh, R. Fraser, P. Gayton, G. Doeg, M. Winder, M. Harvey, M. Rail, S. Reid, C. Harold, T. Palmer.

From left in the second row: D. Joblin, G. Smith, D. Wilson, A. Fraser, P. Keys, D. Ashman, R. Okey, W. Bennet, C. Frazerhurst, K.J. Wood, G. Haase, W. Williams, G. Jans, D. Lean, J. Cameron, R.J. Wood, J. Whalen, M. Brennan, J. Bennett, J. Dent.

From left in the front row: P. Courtenay, S. Jones, W. Snowden, S. Titchener, M. Powell, M. Courtenay, K. Walsh, G. Mitchell, V. Winder, K. Rowe, L. Meredith, C. O'Connor, M. Walsh, N. Easthope, T.Todd, M. Hooper, J.Lean, B. Rowe.

The photograph is mounted on blue card with the list of names attached below.
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Studio portrait of the Taranaki Senior Women's 'A' Representative Hockey Team, 1981. Winners of the Mills Cup (Palmerston North) National Tournament. Sitters in the back row include (from left to right): Stephnie Portway (N.Z. Under 23), Shirley Hall (N.P.C), Mary Houlihan (N.P.C). Sitters in the middle row include (from left to right): Mrs B MacAlister (Stratford, Manager), Diane Evans (Okato), Linda Simonsen (N.P.C), Robyn Hayward (Apex), Helen Charteris (N.P.C), Jenny Blair (Eltham). Sitters in front row include (from left to right): Sharon Partridge (S.O.G), Dot Andrews (N.P.C, Player/Coach), Rosemary Gould (N.P.C.,Captain), Ngaere Stones (N.P.C, Vice-Captain), Rene Mako (S.O.G).
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Thirty four pupils with Sister Evelyn Merriot and one other teacher
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Fifty six pupils of the Rangiatea Methodist Maori Girls' Hostel seated with five adults.
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Fifty six pupils and four adults of Rangiatea Girls' College, Nga Kakano o Rangiatea.
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Gathering to commemorate the Centenary of Omata-Hurford Road Schools at Easter 1959. Those pictured are; back row (left to right): Jack Thomas, Tom Walsh, Tom Schrider, W. Morris. Second row: Leo Berridge, Tom Schrider, Lloyd Benton, Bert Seamark. Third row: Bill Sanger, Bruce Spence, Perc Johnson, Ian Kurth, Norm Berridge, and on the step below, Barclay Kurth. Front row: Albert Bayley, Len Hare, Sylvia Haldane (nee Taylor), Isabel Spranger (nee McKee) and Wally Hanover.
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