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An audio tape and flyer titled The Marble Game. The "Music Side" features the tracks " THE MARBLE GAME " " MISSY PUKEKO" "MR MAGPIE " and " THE POSSUM IN THE BASS ". The other side features some story tracks. The tape is accompanied by a flyer which features a colourful illustration of a magpie, a possum, a Pukeko and a guitar playing boy. Mount Taranaki / Egmont features in the background. The large multi-coloured 'possum bass' features in the centre of the room.
Accession No

An audio tape titled Ever So Slightly Wicked Stories and Songs for Children! Side One of the tape features the tracks " Christmas Kitten " " McPlump Family " Melanie McSquirdle" and " Happy Today". Side Two features the tracks " The Witch Who Laughed Too Much " The Glow-worm Song " " Alison's Cat " and " Animal Farm ". The sleeve features a computer generated pair of stick figures smiling and holding hands. "Ever So Slightly Wicked Stories and / Songs for Children! / mary kippenberger & / peter charlton jones " is marked on the sleeve cover. The album title is repeated on the spine of the sleeve. The inside of the sleeve features further detailed album credits.
Accession No