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An audio tape titled Springtime in Taranaki. Side One of the tape features the tracks " SPRINGTIME IN TARANAKI " " MEMORY NUMBER ONE " "MOTHER AS LOVELY AS YOU " "JAMBALAYA " and " LET'S BE SWEETHEARTS AGAIN ". Side Two features the tracks " STANDING AT THE END OF MY WORLD " " HAPPY SIDE OF LONESOME " " SHEARER'S JAMBOREE " " WHITE CROSSES IN THE JUNGLE " and " CRYING MY HEART OUT OVER YOU ". The sleeve features a photograph of a seated man holding a guitar and a photograph of a fantail. " Springtime in / Taranaki / Ron Hayward " is written on the sleeve. " RON HAYWARD / Springtime in Taranaki / Rowan / Studio / Recording / Code No. / RH002" is written on the spine of the sleeve. The reverse of the sleeve is white and features track listings and album credits.
Accession No

An audio tape and flyer titled The Marble Game. The "Music Side" features the tracks " THE MARBLE GAME " " MISSY PUKEKO" "MR MAGPIE " and " THE POSSUM IN THE BASS ". The other side features some story tracks. The tape is accompanied by a flyer which features a colourful illustration of a magpie, a possum, a Pukeko and a guitar playing boy. Mount Taranaki / Egmont features in the background. The large multi-coloured 'possum bass' features in the centre of the room.
Accession No

A three-pronged, wooden abacus with fourteen green and fourteen yellow, hexagonal tablets which slide over the prongs. The prongs can take 27 tablets so all but one fit on them at the same time.
Accession No

A wooden train set made by Texas Toys. Includes a train locomotive, a coal wagon, a tank wagon, a goods wagon and a carriage. There are eight curved tracks and four straight tracks. The curved tracks have rails on both sides so that they can be flipped over. Tracks attach together with wooden pegs at one end. Stored in a cardboard box with orange and yellow Texas Toys logo on the front.
Accession No

A wooden tractor with a detachable, two-wheeled trailer. Made by Texas Toys.
Accession No