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Copy negative. Man wearing suit. Oakley Studio's logo on original print.
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Copy negative. Man wearing suit. 'Oakley Studios' in lower corner of original print.
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Copy negative of a young man wearing suit. Wears badge, possibly military, on lapel.
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View of the Taranaki Herald and Budget building on Currie Street, New Plymouth. A crowd of young newspaper delivery boys is gathered outside the building and several bicycles rest by the pavement. Two cars are parked in the street on the right hand side of the photograph. The building was demolished in 1984.
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A group of commerical travllers in fancy dress pose around a truck parked outside the White Hart Hotel, New Plymouth. Some of the travllers are on the back and cab of the truck while others stand in front. There is an up-right piano on the back of the truck. Three women in uniform or fancy dress lean out an open window on the right hand side of the hotel. V. C. Griffith, Cecil Granger are amongst the travellers.
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Formal portrait of the fourteen members of the 1930 New Plymouth Savage Club Orchestra. In the back row are, from left to right: F. S. Butler, L. G. Innes, L. A. Hargrave, L. A. Bosworth and W. E. Billing. In the middle row are, from left to right: R. D. Gibbons, A. V. Sowry, H. Gilmour Smith (Rangitira), J. Rennie (Conductor), E. T. Neilson and J. K. Scrimeger. In the front row are, from left to right: A. Pearce, H. V. Lester and J. K. Nodder.
Accession No

Formal group portrait of staff from the Taranaki Herald taken in 1927. The group is arranged in five rows with the people on the front row sitting on a rug on the floor. The group is largely made up of men, with three women in the centre and a woman on each end in the second row from front. The men are all wearing suits with ties.

The photograph may have been taken as part of the Herald's 75th year celebrations. It is mounted in a cardboard folder.

From left in the top row: A. Martin, J. Smith, L. Harvey, T. Dickson, F. Kelly and L. McCann
From left in the second row: C. Newell, G. Andrews, A. Evans, F. Robinson, H. Cox, A. Farmer, C. Downes, R. Burns, S. Rowlands and Alex Bowie.
From left in the third row: F. Mackay, R.L. Cooper, L. Hammond, Miss H. Wilson, Miss J. Mackie, Miss E. Revell, A. Courtney, H. Plumb , E. Revell and J. Johnson.
From left in the forth row (seated): Miss P. Fitzgerald, Hercules Moon, V. Hoskin, L. Rae, Walter C. Weston (owner of the Taranaki Herald), G.H. Dolby, A.T. Moore, G. Neal and Miss M. Erskine.
From left in the bottom row (seated on the ground): L. Gibson, D. Hetherington, G. Wells, A. West, R. Revell, W. Worn, Tony Hugh Philpott, George Smith and R. Laurent.
Accession No

Formal group portrait of the Taranaki rugby team who played Great Britain in New Plymouth, 25 May 1930. The team is arranged in four rows with the front row seated on a rug on the floor. The rugby players are all wearing uniforms with wide horizontal stripes and there are four men wearing suits. The photograph is mounted on card with the names written underneath.

From left in the back row is Ike, H.W. Brown, K. Fookes, A. Guy and J. Young. Standing in the third row from left is C.Hunt, A. Kivell, C. Wills, W. Baldwin, J. Walters, R. Bond and N. Hunter. Seated in the second row from left is S.E. Nielson (Secretary), R. Clarke, Jas. McLeod (Chairman), J. Goodwin (President), Pat. Ward (Captain), W.A. Guy (Selector), C. Brown and J. Garcia (Member of Committee). Seated in the front row from left is D. Johnston, E. Owen, R. Watson, T. Robinson and W. Robinson.
Accession No

Group portrait of eight members of the New Plymouth Swimming and Old Boys Surf Club Senior Team, winners of the Nelson Shield (New Zealand Surf Life-saving Championship), Weston Cup, and Ohawe Shield in 1934. The team is in a studio setting with curtains and part of a painted backdrop visible behind them. There is a triangular flag behind the group in the centre, and a cup, framed shield, and Old Boys Surf Club reel in centre front. The team members are all wearing swimming outfits. Standing in the back row from left is R.A. Gayton, M.W. Rimmington, H.S.T. Weston (Captain), C. Allen and R.A.H. Perkins. Seated in the front from on the left is N.F. Gardiner and on the right is H.S. Watkins. The eighth portrait, showing H.J. Anthony, has been inset into the centre along the top edge of the photograph. The photograph is mounted on brown card.
Accession No

Group portrait of seven members of the New Plymouth Old Boys' Surf Club "B" Team, winners of the Tabor Memorial Surf Shield in 1923. The team is in a studio setting with a painted backdrop visible behind them. There is a surf reel in front of the group in the centre with "N.T. ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY" written on it and a framed shield sitting in front of the reel. The men are all wearing swimming outfits. Standing in the back row from left is E.C. Coleman, L. Frethey, I. Rehaud, F.J. Corkill and R.N. Macaulay. Seated in the from row on left is L.H. Abbott and seated on the right is R. Boon. The photograph is mounted on brown card.
Accession No

Studio portrait of Old Boys' Cricket Club, winners of the North Taranaki Competition Season 1923-24. Back Row - C.Lash, V.E.Kerr, R.Greiner, F.Eggleton, A.H.Osborne. Front Row - R.M.Monteath, J.D.Willis, A.Bewley (Captain), C.G.Bottrill, I.W.Palmer. Absent - A.Papps, K.Taylor, D.Saxton.
Accession No

Seventeen men are seated in three rows. There are four standing in the backrow, six men standing in the middle row and seven men are seated in the front row. Most of the men wear rugby jerseys with stars pinned to their left breast. One man, second from the left in the back row wears a suit. Two men, the third person in from each end, wear formal uniforms with ties. A shield rests against the legs of the man seated in the centre of the front row.
Accession No

Michael Rhody Horgan and Annie Louise Horgan (nee Goodwin) on their wedding day. The bride wears a lacy veil and carries a bouquet of flowers. The groom wears a three piece suit and bow-tie. He holds a pair of gloves, there is a handkerchief in his breast pocket and flowers in his button hole. There is a chain with a pendant hanging across his waistcoat. They stand in front of a studio backdrop.
Accession No