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Group portrait of the attendees at the the Seventeenth Harbour Association of New Zealand Conference held in New Plymouth.
Back Row: E.N. Adams (Bluff), N.D. Cullen (Bluff), H. Meachen (Assistant Secretary), A.L. Burk (Lyttleton), J. Renton (Otago), G.A. Eddows (New Plymouth), R.C. Murphy (Gisborne), S. Vickers (New Plymouth), P.F. Higgins (Napier), E.A. Khull (Gisborne).

Third Row: G.M. Fraser (New Plymouth), W.R. Boon (Whakatane), I. Hedditch (Wanganui), C.G. Burgess (Wanganui), W.H. Hall (Timaru), A.N. Taylor (Auckland), T.M. Finnerty (Bluff), H. Holderness (Lyttleton), R.E. Cairns (Lyttleton), J.R. Harland (Napier), N.A. Murphy (Whangarei), E.L. Whimp (Whangarei), W.R. Johns (New Plymouth), T.J. Guthrie (Oamaru), S.L.C. Shepherd (Whangarei).

Second Row: W.J. Walker (Tauanga), J.D. Alach (Tauranga), C.G. Lucas (Whakatane), F.B. Maunder (Tauranga), P. McLennan (Auckland), H. Turner (Auckland), W.N. Austin (Hokianga), H. Chappell (Hokianga), W.L. Fitzherbert (Wellington), J.H. Brunt (Nelson), M.P. Congdon (Wellington), A. Jones (Nelson), R. Freeland (Auckland), G.H Meuli (Patea), J.D Hislop (Bay of Islands), A.I. Skudder (Bay of Islands), W.J. Gardner (Secretary).

Front Row: E.A Millward (Wanganui), W.C. Smith (Secretary, Maine), C.G. Hamilton (Bluff), E.J. Herrick (Napier), W.F. McCallum (Auckland), E.R.C. Gilmour (Mayor of New Plymouth), W.H. Price (President), J.L. Campbell (New Plymouth), C.W. Tyler (Lyttleton), W.R Clarke (Otago), Sir Charles Norwood (Wellington), D.A. Robertson (Dock and Harbour Assn., United Kingdom), A.J. Nicol (Gisborne).
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Portrait of an unidentified woman with singer John Boulter, Bowl of Brooklands, New Plymouth. Boulter is wearing a beige coloured jacket and is holding a piece of paper in one hand. The woman is wearing beige trousers, a white top and a red, blue and white scarf. The Bowl sound shell is visible behind them.
Accession No

John Boulter performing on the Bowl of Brooklands stage, New Plymouth. He is accompanied by an unidentified woman. The backing choir and conductor are pictured behind them.
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Studio portrait of the Fitzroy Surf Club Inc. Competitive Club Members. Back row left to right: W. Clow; R. Fraser; G. Armstrong; D. Knapman; G. Manning; G. Fraser; J. Velvin; J. Power; B. Turner. Second row left to right: M. Earley; H. Fraser; C. Grace; J. Knapman; J. Earley; M. Clow (Hon. Secretary); L. Knapman; R. Christmas; D. Christmas. Third row left to right: C. Rofe; G. Johnstone (Executive); L. Knapman (Executive); G. Johns; P. McAsey (Executive); N. Earley; R. C. Johns (Club Capt); R. Webster. Sitting left to right: F. W. Clow (President); D. Earley; B. Velvin; R. R. Johns (Treasurer); N. Berntsen; A. Drent; D. Parker; S. Alsop (Executive).
Accession No

Studio portrait of the Fitzroy Surf Club Inc. Junior Team, 1959-1960. Back row left to right: R. Cleland; L. F. Whittle; R. J. Webster; M. R. Walsh; B. G. Carter. Front row left to right: G. A. Johns; B . J. Rudd.
Accession No

Portrait of Wilson Elwell Alexander, headmaster of New Plymouth Boys' High School. Alexander is wearing a suit and academic robes. He was appointed headmaster in November 1967.
Accession No

The huge portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth, painted for the Royal Visit in 1953 by artist Jack Wood with Barbara Gaye (known as Gaye) Hoskin standing beside it.
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Portrait of Mr Gifford John McNaught, headmaster of New Plymouth Boys High School from 1942-1957. McNaught is standing in front of a book shelf and is wearing a suit. He is holding his glasses in one hand and has his other hand in his jacket pocket.
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Portrait of Kenneth Liggett, Archdeacon of Taranaki from 1960-1968 and Vicar of St Mary's Church (now the Taranaki Cathedral) from 1956-1968. He is standing in the pulpit and is wearing his robes.
Accession No

Back Row: L Armstrong, M Hodge, P Brown, R Bisson, W Wright, R Canterbury, G Kaweroa, S Baker, S Atkinson, S Van der Bosch, F Kingi, T Galo, L Mei, D Bidios, R Trotter, M Duthie, J Greach, F Smith. Middle Row: I Broughton, J Walker, M Nepia, C Thomas, W Mulligan, B Martin, W Carr, U Brooker, H Karauna, M Grieves, D Skipper, G Baker, M Curtis, K Waa, J Coffin, S Cooper. Front Row: R Edwards, M Thompson, R Katu, J Pomana (Head Boy), Mr Ellis, Mrs Blake, R Kahika, Mr Kahika (Master) Rev Couch (Chaplain), Mrs Kahika, Mrs Hopkinson, H Chaffey, A Krumanacher (Dept Head Boy) R Mathews, R Grace, L Maraku.
Accession No

Lois Newton, Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1960.
Accession No

Lavina Te Awa, Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1961.
Accession No

Bust portrait of Phyllis Pasene. Head Prefect of Rangiatea Hostel in 1965.
Accession No

Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1963.
Accession No

Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1964.
Accession No

Patsy Winitana, Head Prefect of Rangiatea Girls' College in 1963.
Accession No

Black and white display of Port Taranaki showing two framed photographs, a chart, a plan, and a three dimensional model on the port's development, 1963.
Accession No

Studio portrait of Nyla Downs, Taranaki Champion Marching Leader and member of the Inglewood Vanguards, 1950-1951. In full marching regalia with trophies. Framed. (See also PHO2006-073)
Accession No

Group photograph of the attendees at the Harbours Conference of New Zealand held in New Plymouth, 5th-7th November, 1958.
Accession No

Group portrait of the Taranaki Harbours Board, 1983-1986.
Back Row: D.C. Pease, N.R. Moller, L.S. Hickey, P.N. Atkinson, D.A. Ogier, P.G.S. Crichton, D.C. Giles, D.H. Tempero, D.R. Ranger.
Front Row: A.G.R. Williams, A.G. Barnitt, D. Mander, R.P. Snodgrass, G.B. Gibson (Chairman), J.C. Williams (Deputy Chairman), J.G. Boddy, L.C. Laird, C.G. Buckrell.
Absent: I.D. Colson, G.C. Grace, E.G. King.
Accession No

Unidentified Maori woman as Hinemoa in the 'Hinemoa & Tutanekai' production. She is dressed in a korowai cloak and woven head band. She is standing in front of a portion of the set, which was designed by artist John Bevan Ford. She is looking directly at the camera.
Accession No

Night view of a performance of 'Hinemoa & Tutanekai', Bowl of Brooklands. The set features stylised Maori motifs and was designed by artist John Bevan Ford. Performers are visible on the stage. The stage is reflected in the water of the lake. The crowd and a number of cars are visible in the foreground.
Accession No

Six mounted and annotated silver gelatin photographs relating to the activities of Ivon Watkins Ltd, later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Titles of photographs are: "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Aerial Operators' Technical School, April 1956"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Spray Contractors' Conference, New Plymouth - April 30th-May 1st, 1957"; "Ivon Watkins Ltd. Master Distributors' Conference 1960"; "Ivon Watkins Limited Weedone Specialists School of Instruction, New Plymouth 1962"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Seminar, August 1964"; "Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited Agricultural Chemical Sales Division 1968".
Accession No

Collection of photographs and negatives relating to Ivon Watkins Ltd (established 1944), later known as Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd (1964-1990), which produced agricultural products including herbicides and and pesticides. The company was based at 89 Paritutu Road, New Plymouth. The collection consists of 36 colour prints, 32 black and white prints, 2 black and white sheet negatives, 5 colour 35mm strip negatives and 1 colour slide. The photographs depict mostly views of the company's operations and premises taken by various commercial photography studios. The collection also features several photographs of company co-founder Daniel Anthony (Dan) Watkins.
Accession No

Thirty two formal team photographs of various Fitzroy Surf Lifesaving teams dating from 1933-34 to 1969-70. Most of the photographs are studio photographs and have annotated cardboard mounts with names.
Accession No