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Wedding portrait of Frederick Samuel Butler and Alice Mary Butler (nee Woodhead), parents of Frederick Burdett Butler. Frederick and Alice stand outside on a rug in front of shrubbery with linked arms. Alice wears a long gown, gloves, a veil with floral decorations and holds a large bouquet. Frederick wears a suit, gloves, a thick moustache and flowers in his button hole.
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Part of a larger wedding photograph of the wedding of Wyndham Harry Wills to Josephine Phyllis Green, the rest of the photograph has been lost. The surviving part shows twelve adults and a young boy seated and standing in an outdoor setting. Seated fourth and fifth from the left are Wyndham Wills' parents, Thomas John Wills and Martha Wills (nee Bishop). Thomas and Martha were passsengers on the Timandra. Thomas is wearing the New Zealand medal he was awarded for his involvement in the Taranaki Wars.
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Two men and two women are gathered before a backdrop of curtains. The groom Albert Goodwin and bride Olive Goodwin (nee Farnham) stand at the centre. Albert's twin borther Leslie Goodwin is seated on the left. Ruth Farnham is seated on the right. Bert and Leslie are twins, born January, 1901 at Midhirst, Taranaki.
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