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A 78rpm record titled " Excerpts From the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan " The record is held in a cardboard cover and a plastic sleeve. Side 1 features the tracks " Gentleman of Japan" "A Wander Minstrel " " Lord High Executioner " " Three Little Maids " " So Please You Sir " " Were You Not to Ko-Ko Plighted " " I Am So Proud " and " The Hour of Gladness ". Side 2 features " Braid the Raven Hair " " The Sun Whose Rays " " Madriga l" " Miyasama " " The Criminal Cried " " A is Happy " " Alone and Yet Alive " " Tit Willow " and " Orchestral Selection ". The cover features black text with the title of the record and a list of the cast. A small Stratford High School emblem near the top right corner. There is a " $1 " price sticker near the top right corner. The reverse of the cover is blank. The record features a blue label on both sides with track listings and album information.
Accession No