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Accession No Name/Title
"Follett Carrington" PHO2009-223
"Follett Carrington"
"Wikitoria Kepa"
Unknown man PHO2010-0747
Unknown man
Harry Peters at his house at Kaimiro
Unknown Maori woman A66.131
Unknown Maori woman
Te Kirihaehae Pitiroi PHO2011-2342
Te Kirihaehae Pitiroi
Elizabeth Howell (nee Jennings) PHO2009-341
Elizabeth Howell (nee Jennings)
Simeon Howell PHO2009-342
Simeon Howell
Mr Henry Revell PHO2011-0824
Mr Henry Revell
Mr William Revell PHO2011-0825
Mr William Revell
Mrs Samuel Revell PHO2011-0827
Mrs Samuel Revell
Mr Charles Revell PHO2011-0826
Mr Charles Revell
The "Sap" Huirangi Dist [map] ARC2004-316
The "Sap" Huirangi Dist [map]
Unknown young boy PHO2007-196
Unknown young boy
Sir Harry Albert Atkinson PHO2007-146
Sir Harry Albert Atkinson
"Pukearuhe, Whitecliffs" PHO2007-238
"Pukearuhe, Whitecliffs"
Mr Bennet Pascoe Perry A62.801
Mr Bennet Pascoe Perry
Mrs Bennet Pascoe Perry (nee Mary Ann Masters) A62.802
Mrs Bennet Pascoe Perry (nee Mary Ann Masters)
John Oxenham and Frank Standish A62.809
John Oxenham and Frank Standish
Reverend Henry Hanson Turton A62.810
Reverend Henry Hanson Turton
Mr Walter John Morrison A62.811
Mr Walter John Morrison
Mrs Walter Morrison A62.812
Mrs Walter Morrison
Charles William Foote A62.813
Charles William Foote
Unknown girl A62.815
Unknown girl